Janmashtami flower

The birthday of Lord Krishna is commemorated with immense fondness and devotion in all parts of India. There are a few places like Dwaraka, Mathura, Vrindavan, and many more where Janmashtami is celebrated with elevated passion and heartiness. Flowers play a major role when it comes to rejoicing in the birth ceremony of Lord Krishna. Apart from flowers, cakes are considered the must-have ingredient in the celebration because every birthday celebration seems incomplete without a delicious cake. Therefore, while ordering flowers, don’t forget to Janmashtami cake order online for your Ladu Gopal.  

Now, here is a list of flowers that you can order for the prosperous celebration, along with a tempting cake;


Orchid blooms perceive royalty. Henceforth, buying and sending orchid flowers can express your happiness during the Janmashtami celebration in a subtle way. Orchids are available in blue and purple colors and have the ability to infuse happiness into the celebration. Therefore, feel free to order them.


Fresh lilies portray peace, happiness, and joyfulness. Including lily flowers in the celebration can bring the feeling of oneness, excitement, and laughter. The mesmerizing fragrance of lilies has the ability to attract Krishna devotees. Hence, you can also send lilies to any devotee. 

Red Roses

The appealing beauty of red roses has always been a heart stealer. Buy red roses to celebrate the festival with great enthusiasm. Janmashtami flowers are available online so that you can send them anywhere easily. Further, red roses are available in different arrangements like a bouquet, bunch, heart-shaped arrangement, and letter arrangement. Pick any arrangement as per your choice. Apart from red roses, you can also prefer pink, yellow, or maroon roses. 

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The exquisite gerberas in different colors can make the birthday occasion of Lord Krishna more exciting and colorful. It can be used for decoration purposes as it holds elegance and exciting fragrance.


The blissful atmosphere of celebration is hard to forget. After all, it’s the occasion of Janmashtami. Feel free to buy and send carnation flowers to your near and dear ones who are devotees of lord Krishna.


Marigold is an evergreen flower that always marks its presence on all occasions. Bring marigold flowers for decorative purposes. It’s also offered to Krishna as a token of faith in the form of a garland. You can quickly buy it from any online floral shop or nearby nursery. 


Jasmine flower is known for its aroma. So, bring this in celebration and diffuse fragrance everywhere. There are many other uses of jasmine as a token of offering to God and Goddess. Shop jasmine flowers from India’s best online florist. 


The vibrant hibiscus flowers are often used for worship. Don’t give it a second thought when it comes to purchasing high-quality hibiscus blossoms for the Janmashtami celebration. 


These blooms are commonly used to decorate the front door on special occasions. Hence, you can purchase it to decorate your home or mandir. These flowers grow all year and are commonly known as paper flowers as their texture is like paper. 


These flowers are available in a wide range and are pretty easy blooms in the garden. They have a good tendency to tolerate heat. The beautiful colors of these flowers attract every eye. Buy it for the celebration without thinking much.

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