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Forex trading is like life. It is full of unexpected twists and turns that affect our trading account. Every individual experiences differently in the forex market, which makes it exciting at times, but frustrating at others.

What follows are ten quotes to live by for any forex trader. They came from some of the most successful traders on the planet. These quotes highlight key points that will help you trade more successfully.

1- “I’m a long-term, patient trader – I have to be, because the market doesn’t care what you think.”

2- “Patience is essential. The key is knowing how long to wait, and when to go all-in” Answer: When everyone has given up.”

3- “Be Fearful When Others Are Greedy and Greed When Others Are Fearful”

4- “If your outlook is correct (the market goes) against you, you will make money more times than if it agrees with you.”

5- “When good things happen to good traders, they tend to be ignored; when bad things happen to good traders, they tend to be immortalized.”

6- “I’m not intimidated by anything. I think the market is like water. When you plunge your hand in it, it will automatically adjust to any shape you have created.”

7- “It’s not about being right or wrong, It’s all about making money.”

8- “There’s no single game-winning strategy in trading; It’s about playing good defense (by limiting your risk) and hitting the right spots at the right time”

9- “The market is designed to fool most of the people all of the time, so if you are emotional or biased, you will lose money.”

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10- “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth” (… then) adapt and overcome.

11- “Opportunities come and go, but our principles are eternal.”

12- “Don’t trade what you can’t afford to lose”

13- “A trader needs patience the most when he is sitting on the biggest losing streak”


14- “An average person is too much focused on the money and not the job. Trading is a job and you have to treat it like that.”

15- “Trading is just like poker, but with more mathematics involved”

16- “The market gives everybody an opinion, we don’t trade opinions.”

17- “I lost all my money in stocks, so I can’t afford losing any in Forex.”

18- “For the most part, (my) business is about controlling risk. That’s what people don’t understand”

19- “Patience is not good for me; it’s like smoking mirrors. Either you’re patient or you’re not, and I’m not.”

20- “The real reason people fail is focusing on the money. Don’t do that or you will lose as fast as you can win.”


Our best tip is apart from keeping in mind these quotes, you should also be strategic about choosing your forex trading methods and forex trading tools like Meta Trader 5.

The quotes above are some of the most powerful trading quotes on the planet. They also ring true in our own lives. It doesn’t matter what your game is, whether it be forex, poker, sports or business. If you follow these quotes, you will be a better trader and a better person.

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