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Important educational or work-related stuff such as documents, essays, files, posters, and even resumes are most likely done handwritten before. But right after the pandemic started, every usual work has been done online, due to safety measurements and to avoid being contaminated by the spreading virus. Classes are held through meets, stories are sent through texts, and even paying for electrical bills is done through g-cash. But aside from those mentioned, what else are the online tools that we could benefit from, and help us make things much easier despite the difficulties online?


An application that would be good especially for ongoing classes, like classes done online. It is a video-based tool, in which teachers are allowed to post different sets of topics for the students, adding different texts, backgrounds, and even video clips that are related based on its content.  Teachers can also use emojis, stickers, and even drawings to add essential details to the topic. Students can serve as responders, in which they could reply to the posted topics and can do the exact same thing as the teachers.

This online service can be accessed via application or browser, making it suitable for any gadgets, it may be through phones, laptops, tablets, and more. The good thing about this is that it would make students much more expressive, and feel more like themselves, engaging and communicating with everyone despite the distance.

Resume Builder

Doing cover letters when applying for jobs and more is much of a hassle especially if you’re someone with quite a small experience. Using a cover letter builder might be one of the best decisions you could ever make. You’re just gonna write down the details that you wanted to be formatted, and the application does its thing. Tools like these are easy to access, and even do the jobs fast and quick.  When creating a cover letter, you can even choose your own template, and even have a basic set of instructions you could follow. Just typing out the important things you wish to settle, and it hands you the new set of high-quality resumes you’ve always wanted. It should be remembered though, that the content of the resume can be somehow changed by the application, checking thoroughly the details in case of changes is a must.

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An application commonly used by students.  This application can do editing by the option of your choice, it could be done through teams, and solos can also be shared with the entire company and board.  The outputs you’ve done can be published through social media, and can even be saved as a file on your laptops and pcs. You can do collaborations with departments, and companies, in different places across the country. It also has comments and suggestions built-in, in for you to add or respond to a specific output.

Aside from those, Canva allows you to choose from different templates, it may be posters, invitational cards, birthday letters, resumes, appreciation posts, presentations, flyers, and all other essential topics as templates.  You can also choose different designs such as outline stickers, emojis, custom photos, and a color palette for the background. It also goes with different fonts, and effects that could match the theme of your choice. The output you’ve done can be downloaded and saved through pdf, jpeg, png, and more.


These tools could help you a lot in terms of lessening the time spent on creating the perfect output to be used in your online journey. Be creative, and use these materials as a guide and template, but never disregard the difference between originality and effort. 

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