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As you clicked on this link, we assume you are either an NDIS participant yourself or a close relative of someone availing the benefits of this scheme. Whatever the scenario, know that an NDIS plan review is an important step in getting the maximum benefits out of your NDIS support services.

So let’s begin with what NDIS Plan Review is?

An NDIS plan review happens after 12 months of the NDIS support services from your chosen disability service providers in Melbourne. The purpose and intent of the review are to assess whether the specific goals of the participants are being met for which the plan was initiated in the first place.

Also, how far the participant has reached in the course of his development and what changes are required to be made to keep the plan on the best possible terms.

Now that you know the real purpose of the review plan let’s proceed to how you can best prepare for the plan review.

Here’s how you can prepare for your NDIS support services

1.   Revisit your Goals

Before going for a plan review, the most important thing to consider is to revisit your goals. From the time when you made your first appearance for the plan management to the time when you already had first-hand experience of the NDIS support services by your disability service provider in Melbourne, know that it is important to have a clear analysis of how it has been so far.

There would be instances where you made significant progress in the goals that were there in the initial setup. Also, you might feel that you require support and assistance in another field that was not part of the original plan. Having it all figured out, and well-analysed on your part is how you’ll be able to set clear goals for your future and communicate the same to your disability service provider in Melbourne.

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2.   Find the Gaps

The next step is to find the gaps between the predetermined goals and the services provided by disability service providers in Melbourne. Whether your goals have been fairly met or not. Are there any changes in the course of services you want to propose based on the progress you made? What specifically did or didn’t work for you? Are there any specific areas for which you’d like to discontinue their NDIS support services?

Answering all these questions before your review plan is lined up will help you clearly navigate the existing plan and manage it in the best way possible.

3.   Keep proper Records and Documentations Ready

By documentation, we mean every single document, bill, receipt or journal maintained in the wake of your experience with your disability service providers in Melbourne. It contributes as an important step to support your claim and express your approval or disapproval of their past conduct. If in this whole process, you feel the need for an executive, you can seek the assistance of Support Coordinators and have them work on your behalf.

4.   Review your Plan Management

After carefully going through the entire process, the last thing you need to ascertain is whether you want to renew the plan with your service provider, self-manage it or want to go for NDIS Registered Providers. The last say would depend on the experience you had with your service provider, plus the transition in goals that you’ve set in the initial stage.

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Final Thoughts How NDIS support services Helps!

A lot can change in a year, and if at that point you feel the need to switch from one plan alternative to another, nothing can stop you. You must visit your plan and services according to your needs and find the best route of getting the assistance you require in fulfilling your needs.

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