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Often we do not realise the importance of painting our fences. We associate painting with aesthetics and ignore its other vital aspects. So, when the paint chips, we conveniently tag it with a rustic look. However, painting doesn’t just beautify the fence but all contribute to its strength. There are many other vital benefits of fence painting in Melbourne. Read on to know more about these-

Protection and Strength

Wood on its own doesn’t last for a long duration. The change in temperatures, heavy rainfall and wind can damage the wood, making it hollow and weak. However, painting the fence will help protect and avoid decay by sealing the surface and preventing water seepage.

The best house painters in Melbourne can help you determine the number of coats and the best quality paint for your fence. Before that, they shall analyse the fence to determine its material and choose a suitable primer that guarantees better paint adhesion.

Coupling suitable primer with fence painting in Melbourne ensures that the wooden fence stays protected in extreme weather conditions and will last long.

Low maintenance

When left exposed to the weather, a wooden fence requires frequent attention. You will need to closely watch termites, wood-eating ants and other insects that will devour your fence. Apart from these insects, humidity also plays a part in weakening the wood.

If you begin treating only the damaged part of your fence, there will be a frequent recurrence of the problem. The permanent solution to this problem is hiring house painters in Melbourne to apply the required paint coating and save yourself from the daily hassle of fence inspection.

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Once done, the only maintenance you will require is sometimes to wash the fence with the garden hose and clear off dust.

Quick Fix

You don’t need to panic if you suspect the fence is rotting or losing strength. We understand you may feel that your fence may fall at any time or you need to replace it.

However, before replacing your fence, connect with house painters in Melbourne for a quick analysis. A prompt wood treatment with a few paint coatings can often be a quick fix for the problem.

Fence painting in Melbourne or elsewhere doesn’t require a particular weather condition. A beaming sun for a couple of hours, and the best house painters can provide you with a potent solution for the rotting fence.

High on Style

Your fence may be too old, but does it deserve to stay patched and shaggy? No, it adds to the beauty of your home and should get funky paint for the passerby to take a second glance.

Your nearest professionals offering fence painting in Melbourne can help you choose the best colour. After all, they own an array of different hues to brighten your fence.

Fence painting will instantly make your home trendy, and if you are considering selling it, this makeover shall add to its value.


We can provide a quick review of both if you are contemplating staining and painting due to the price difference.

Staining: Stain is a solvent that absorbs into the wooden fence to protect it from various elements. However, the stain is deceptive. You may require it in large quantities to apply on the entire fence. Also, in most cases, you will need to keep reapplying the stain to safeguard the wood.

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Painting: Paint is multiple times thicker than stain. So you will need a small amount for a large surface area. Also, since paint binds better to the surface, the need to reply doesn’t arise soon. However, paint is pricier than stain.

Staining can save money at the moment, but it’s laborious and requires frequent applications to safeguard the fence. At the same time, paint is a one-time investment. So, in the long run, you will find painting more affordable when compared to staining.

Feel-Good Factor

Painting your fence can make you happy!!!

Don’t believe us? Well, you can find it yourself. When you paint a specific wall in your house, it can lift up your mood, and if your workplace gets a makeover, it enhances your productivity.

If you are a creative person, you’ll find the painted colours to enhance your creativity and help to be more productive.

Wrapping Up

Fence painting in Melbourne will strengthen your wood and provide reasonable resistance from all those factors that affect the long-lastingness of your fence. So why wait to give a makeover to the fence protecting your house.

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