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Nowadays, the packaging of each item whether it is a gift or a wedding favor is imperative. It secures the item and makes it presentable too. Now people do not give away gifts in a simple manner, they make use of custom boxes to package the gift and then give it.

 In the same way, party favors or wedding favors are also presented in beautiful custom boxes. These boxes are strong enough to handle a lot of favors and gifts. A lot of people make use of the favor box wholesale to give away their wedding favors so that their guests can remember them for a long time. The custom Packaging is mostly kept by the guests as they are unique and usable.

7 Great Ideas For Favor Boxes For Wedding

There are many things that can make your wedding day memorable for you and your guests. One of these things is the wedding favor box. You can use any type of wedding favor box that will go perfectly with your wedding decoration.

On the other hand, if you are still unsure about these boxes then we have the following 7 ideas for you. These ideas will help you in figuring out the box you need for your wedding favors. Have a look:

Parcel Boxes

When we talk about the wedding favor packages then the first thing that matters is the exterior! You can make use of the parcel boxes made from cardboard that is strong enough to hold the favors for a long time.

Not just that, you can use these packages to parcel wedding favors to those relatives and friends who could not make it to your wedding day. You can amaze them with these boxes to show them your care and love for them. Also, in parceling the favors, they will feel like they have attended your wedding.

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Studded Wedding Boxes

Have a look at the above-shown studded wedding boxes. They are made in unique style although they have not been printed in any shade. Simple cardboard is utilized to create these bundles. You can easily put a small note on them for your guests. Your guests can easily take along these packages.

Ribbon Twisted Favor Boxes

Ribbon twisted favor boxes are also a good option for your wedding favors. You can easily make use of a box made from any material and then paste printed paper on it. Just use the ribbon on it in twisted form. In this way, your own handmade ribbon twisted favor box will be ready as shown above. You can also add a note and attach it to the ribbon as we have used “ENJOY”.

Peekaboo Circle Favor Boxes

You can make use of simple and plain peekaboo circle favor boxes. We have used shades of grey color to beautify these boxes. You have to make a peekaboo circle on each of the boxes. They are ideal to go with the wedding of any theme. There is no need to put a lot of effort into making and wrapping favors in these bundles. You can make or get them in any shape or size. It entirely depends on your choice.

Dotted Vellum Favor Box

You can consider the dotted vellum favor box to thank your guests. You can fill up these bundles with candles or other favors of your choice. These beautifully adorned boxes can be shaded in any color. It is good to make them in medium size. However, you can choose the size according to your favor. You can either make them or purchase them from any box company at a wholesale price conveniently.

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Polka Dot Favor Boxes

This custom packaging is also quite simple yet engaging. You can use dots of any shade to adorn the package according to your wedding theme. These polka dots favor boxes can be embellished and customized with the colorful thread as we have used yellow.

Bird Favor Boxes

The wedding is the day of the two lovebirds! So, why do not you get yourself the bird favor boxes like we have shown in the image! Just place a beautiful bird on the lid of the boxes and present them to your guests.

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