Color Therapy

Colors incorporate healing properties that are considered to be quite useful for treating physical and psychological contusions. Color therapy courses or chromo therapy are a part of holistic healing services which are performed to help people heal from emotional, physical and mental sufferings through colors and their frequencies.

Colors are known to add brightness into our lives and makes us react to different scenarios. They not only bring joy but they also help us to heal, calm and strengthen.

Therefore, in recent times, natural healers have started using colors as a way of holistic healing in Melbourne that aims at changing our body’s emotional and psychological imbalances. Color therapy courses are performed with an approach to soothe and calm your nerves when you are stressed out or anxious.

Types of color therapy and chakras:

There are various conditions that can be easily treated with the help of color therapy as the therapists are of the opinion that a lack of color in your body might be the cause of a particular living condition. As per the Indian philosophy, there are seven chakras which help to center the spiritual power and the energy within our bodies.

Given below are some of the most commonly used colors as a part of spiritual healing in Melbourne:

  • Red/ the Root Chakra: this chakra is situated at the base of the spine where the color red is used to energize a person who might be feeling tired or down. However, this color is carefully used in such color therapy courses as it might trigger a person who is already tensed. The root chakra is considered to be grounded and connected to the Earth.
  • Orange/ the Sacral Chakra or the mind-body chakra: this color is known to represent the sacral chakra which is located below the navel. Just like yellow, this color is known to bring happiness in people and is associated with reproduction, kidneys and adrenals.
  • Yellow/ the Solar Plexus Chakra: represented by the color yellow, this chakra is situated between the navel and the sternum. This color is known for bringing positivity and to enhance your well-being and self-esteem. Yellow can improve your mood and digestive system and organs such as pancreas and liver.
  • Green/ the Heart chakra: according to color therapy, green is the color of the nature which is known to relieve stress and provide relaxation. This chakra is located near the heart which is associated with the nervous system, lungs and immune system. Green is considered to bring confidence and compassion.
  • Blue/ throat chakra: represented by the color blue, this chakra is located in the throat. These Holistic Healing Services Melbourne incorporates blue to cure depression, thyroid and improve metabolism. Whereas, darker shades of blue, due to its sedative properties are considered to help people who are suffering from insomnia and other sleeping disorders.
  • Indigo/ the Third Eye Chakra: the third eye chakra associated with the color indigo is located between the eyebrow and in the middle of the forehead. This color is known to improve the pituitary gland, sleep, self-esteem, wisdom and intuition.
  • The Crown Chakra/ Violet: it is located on the top of the head and is associated with dreams spirituality, dreams and sleep.
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How are color therapy courses performed?

There are 2 methods through which these therapies are performed. The healing through this method heavily relies on the color’s light frequencies to our bodies:

  1. Through eyes: One of the simplest way of performing color therapy is to look at the color. It is a process where the person has to look at the color for a couple of minutes to gain the therapeutic benefits through the eyes itself. However, it is really important to choose the right color as every color has a different meaning and benefits. Color therapy works in a customized manner as what is suitable for you might not be for others. For eg- the color blue would work the best in case of anxiety, whereas a person might feel more vulnerable if he is dealing with depression.
  2. Through equipment: There are plenty of equipment used for this therapy where the color is projected on the screen to look at. The color is received through specific light bulbs with a maximum of 500 Watt. This method deals with emotional and spiritual healing.

What can color therapy courses help you with?

Color therapy is widely used to solve a range of issues like stress, depression, high blood pressure, anxiety, certain cancers and skin infections.

Given below are some of the other benefits of color therapy:

  1. Helps to relieve stress: colors like green or blue are known to possess certain healing properties that can sooth and calm the minds of people dealing with stress and anxiety.
  2. Boosts appetite: warm colors have the ability to boost your appetite when you are struggling with having a desire for food.
  3. Alleviates seasonal affective disorder: these disorders generally occur during winters as people tend to spend longer periods indoors which leads to lack of sunlight. So, warm tones like yellow and orange can alleviate such symptoms.
  4. Boosts energy: colors like red and yellow are known to boost your energy levels that helps to keep you motivated.
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Overall, color therapy is quite effective that can be performed alongside other treatments which has a strong impact on a person’s mind and body. Therefore, it is essential to look for the best therapists. So what are you waiting for?  we at Celestial Living provides a range of self esteem course to restore and balance between your mind and body.

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