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Here are 8 Tips for Buying BBQ Covers and Maintaining Them:

1. Buy BBQ covers meant for outdoor use.

BBQ covers made for indoor use are flimsy and will not last long when exposed to the elements of weather, like rain, snow, sun or even sand storms. BBQ Grill Covers that are suited for outdoor conditions usually come in cotton canvas fabric with foam padding on the underside to protect your grill’s finish.

2. Be sure the BBQ cover fits your barbecue grill perfectly (i.e., air vents can be covered).

A BBQ cover should fit snugly over the BBQ grill so it doesn’t blow off easily in strong winds during storage or while your BBQ grill is being moved from one location to another. Make sure there are no loose areas where water can get in between the BBQ grate and BBQ cover to avoid rust.

3. Use a BBQ Grill Cover for Storage and during the Off-Season.

BBQ covers provide protection from outdoor elements that can cause damage or ruin your BBQ grill when not in use, such as rain, snow, sun, and wind. BBQ Covers also protect against dust and insects to keep your BBQ Grill protected and clean when not in use during the off-season.

4. Don’t Skip the Tie-down Cords (for added security).

A BBQ grill is heavy! If strong winds or other conditions arise where it seems like there’s a chance for high winds or storms make sure you secure your BBQ grill with tie-down cords (not) to prevent it from flying away in the event of high winds. BBQ Grill Covers sold in stores usually have tie-down cords already attached to their BBQ covers so you don’t have to worry about getting them separately.

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5. Clean your BBQ grill cover regularly to prevent mold or mildew build-up

We recommend cleaning your BBQ Grill Cover regularly with mild soap and water when there is visible dirt, grime or dust on it. This is especially important if you store your BBQ cover outside where it can be exposed to outdoor elements that cause weathering, like UV rays from sunlight which can break down fabric faster than normal or allow mold or mildew to build up under the BBQ cover (because of moisture). You can also use a soft bristle brush for stubborn dirt stains.

6. Store BBQ Grill Cover in a dry area when not in use.

If you have to store your BBQ Grill Cover inside, make sure there are no sources of moisture around it, like the BBQ grill itself during winter or springtime when the BBQ grill is cold and damp from condensation. You can also keep your BBQ cover safely stored somewhere where it’s not exposed to dust if possible (and hopefully out of reach from kids and pets). This helps prevent causing damage to your BBQ cover, mildew build-up, or stains for easy removal with soap and water. Also, avoid keeping your BBQ cover rolled up for long periods of time because this can cause stretching or deteriorating issues over time or cause mold mildew build-up.

7. if BBQ Grill Cover has visible stains or mildew, clean it immediately.

Be sure to clean BBQ grill covers after using them so dirt, grime, or dust does not cause staining on your BBQ cover which makes it difficult to remove stubborn stains without harsh chemicals. For BBQ covers with mildew stains, use bleach water mixed with a little bit of dishwashing liquid to wipe down the BBQ cover then rinse off thoroughly. Let BBQ grill dry in the sun before storing it away. Also, make sure you let the BBQ grill itself dry out completely before covering it up during wintertime when there is a danger of condensation building up inside the BBQ grill.

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8. Use separate BBQ Grill covers for different seasons (i.e., BBQ Grill BBQ Cover and BBQ Cover).

If you need a BBQ grill cover for the off-season use and another BBQ grill cover for storage and use during BBQ season, then it’s best to get two different BBQ covers: one made out of heavy-duty fabric which can protect your BBQ grill from very harsh conditions like snow or ice; and another lighter weight BBQ cover made out of lighter material (so it doesn’t weigh down the BBQ Grill) for milder winter conditions like rain or cold weather. This gives you more options depending on what type of weather conditions you want to be prepared for.


You don’t have to buy BBQ Grill Covers – just make it.

If BBQ grill covers are too expensive for you, then why not try making your own BBQ grill cover? Check out this video tutorial on how to DIY your own BBQ Grill Cover for about $5 bucks! He uses a tarp and some tools that you probably already have around the house, like a staple gun and tape measure. Not only is this BBQ covering functional and easy to use (and cheap!) but it also looks nice as well.

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