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If you are looking for an Adult Toys Merchant Account with affordable fees, then you’ve reached your destination. We as a reputed organization work with a devoted system of acquiring banks and we deliver personalized payment services to our customers without any issue. PayCly comprehends the requirements of merchants trading adult toys and offers them adult toys merchant accounts. We have associated with acquiring banks across the globe and deliver our customer’s cash processing services with the assistance of the most suitable service acquiring banks when you call us for the adult toys payment gateway solutions.

With our adult toys merchant account, you can accept both Visa and MasterCard payments in various foreign currencies. Our professionals are too dedicated to their services and make a good PCI-compliant payment entry. And also provides your surety that your deals will always be safe.

Adult Toys Businesses are Deemed as High-Risk

Adult toys businesses are regarded as high-risk due to the given reasons below.

  • Social Prohibitions. They prohibit and restrict because they can’t reconcile the payment industry with their brands. Despite this, the fact is that most large payment service providers socially prohibited the adult toys business.
  • Excessive chargeback ratio. Most people feel embarrassed when buying adult toys. Although they intentionally bought the products. But, there is a higher chance of chargebacks for adult toys. Excessive chargeback volumes are one of the main reasons why the industry is regarded as high-risk.
  • Age Restrictions and other laws. Adult toys are under many restrictions. Hence, there are various other regional laws in the region for adult-oriented products. These rules and regulations made by local governments can lead the adult business hard to navigate. Keeping these laws in mind, and with age restrictions. The risks involved are enough for major credit card brands and banks to examine the adult toys business as high-risk.

Features Of PayCly’s Adult Toys Merchant Account

  • We offer a dedicated and secure solution at lower fees.
  • We process transactions safely and securely by delivering a reliable payment gateway.
  • Our adult payment gateway also enables you to receive online payments globally.
  • We are functioning with a trusted network of banks internationally to authorize merchant accounts.
  • We will also deliver you the settlement of funds daily or monthly. The settlement may vary because it is based on credit card history.
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Benefits of Preferring an Adult Toys Merchant Account

With PayCly payment services, you can execute your online business perfectly. You will not have to pause your business at any step. Let us explore all the benefits.

There are many advantages that you can easily acquire after establishing your adult toys business. The first main advantage of the merchant account will assist you in receiving online payments from around the globe and in all currencies.

Another primary advantage of having the same merchant account is that the high risk merchant account integration enables you to opt for the most suitable option from multiple shopping carts. And due to this benefit. You can track an online business easily. To acquire these benefits, you will require to choose a payment gateway that follows PCI-DSS rules. By performing this, now it will be possible for you to receive that your business’s payment record is safe.

The requirement of an adult toys merchant account

An adult toys merchant account will enable you to receive credit card payments for your adult toys products or services with no fear of unpredicted pauses due to business type. At PayCly, we are experts in providing payment services for adult toy businesses.

Disobedient to traditional merchant accounts, an adult toys merchant account is well suitable for facing the issues of excessive chargeback rates or fraud prevention.

Build your faith over consumers with your Adult toys merchant account

As we already know, trust is the primary thing in any business or branding. Mainly, if you like that your product or service becomes a brand then you have to offer the best customer service. Sometimes it will also occur that your payments will decline due to any kind of server issue with the customer’s bank. Sometimes it also happens because of insufficient balance.

Payment service providers play a crucial role in the growth of your adult toys business. Their features facilitate customers to pay. Therefore, as much as the number of payment options you have in your payment gateway provides an increment in payments.

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There is no myth that payment experience establishes the benchmark of your business credibility. If the merchant’s product quality is perfect and the customer makes payment. Then this trust creates a strong bonding between the merchant and customer and will inspire the customer to come again to your online store.

Application Process for Adult Toys Merchant Account

If you want to accelerate the procedure for the adult toys merchant account. Moreover, we recommend our adult toys merchants provide the following documents.

  • Individual Bank Reference Letter & Declarations
  • Corporation Bank Reference Letter &Declarations
  • Business besides Marketing Plan
  • Personal Profile
  • Legal Photo ID or else Passport
  • Business License(s) Necessary by Rule
  • Credit Card Processing Past
  • Adult Toys Mercantile Account Application

When your payment service provider gets the above documents, they will correspond your requirement with the perfect acquiring bank that is the best fit for your business. Your credit card processing demand is transmitted to the acquiring banks. When it is authorized by the acquiring banks. It will also help your adult toys merchant account. Our organization will deliver a contract to read it properly and sign it to confirm the deal. When you returned the signed documents, we will function to acquire your credit card processing services as soon as possible.

Why prefer PayCly?

Most payment service providers can deliver payment processing services for your adult toys businesses. But to acquire an authentic and reliable service provider is a difficult task. PayCly has been functioning as a service provider for many years. It has excellent expertise in the specific sector. Because they have some great benefits such as they offer the best payment gateway adult to the merchants. And also always be there o assist the customers in every situation and deliver the best assistance.

We will always offer our technical support to the customers in a very decent manner. Moreover, our customer support team will be available 24*7 to solve all their issues.

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