Ball games (or ballgames), often known as ball sports, are any type of game or activity that involves the use of a ball. Football, cricket, baseball, basketball, and American football are among them. Such games have various rules and histories, and their beginnings are mainly unrelated. Ball games are classified into various categories that attempt to assess a player’s ability to hit a ball:

Cricket and baseball are examples of bat-and-ball games. These assess the quality of a hit by examining how far a ball-hitting player can run before an opponent can collect the ball.

Tennis, squash, and ball badminton are examples of racquet and ball games. These are centred on players attempting to hit the ball to an opponent in such a way that the opponent is unable to return it properly.
Hand and ball-striking games including handball, rebound handball, and four square.

Basketball, water polo, and all kinds of football, lacrosse, and hockey are examples of goal sports (except ice hockey which is a goal sport but is played with a hockey puck). These are centred on teams of players each having their own “goal” on their own half of the field, with the ball being driven into the opposing team’s goal to score points.

Volleyball and sepak takraw are examples of non-racquet net sports.
Target or precision sports such as bowling, lawn bowls, croquet, and golf, as well as cue games such as snooker, pool, and other forms of billiards (the sport of curling, which uses a stone rather than a ball, is classified with target or precision sports for some purposes). These are predicated on hitting the ball into a certain target(s), with the quality of the hit typically judged by the number of hits required to get the ball in/through the target (s).

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Some important Sports:

Polocrosse is a team sport that blends traditional polo with elements of netball and lacrosse. On a grass or dirt field, riders compete in this sport. Also Check Polocrosse Rules

Pool is a cue sport also referred to as Pocket Billiards or Pool Billiards. A set of coloured object balls and a cue (stick) are used to play it on a table with six pockets. Also Check Pocket Billiards Rules

Powerboat racing: With boats capable of reaching speeds of up to 225 kph, powerboat racing is a sort of water-based motorsport that is the fastest, most dangerous, and most interesting of all watersports (140mph).

The strength sport of powerlifting was developed in the 1950s in the US and the UK. The world’s strongest men and women are thought to be powerlifters.

A fighting sport and unarmed martial art from Cambodia are called Pradal Serey or Kun Khmer. Pradal, which means boxing or fighting in Khmer, and Serey, which means free. Also Check Pradal Serey Rules

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