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Online face verification has become more popular in the workplace than ever in the post-pandemic world. Liveness & face match businesses across the globe are shifting towards a contactless verification procedure to calculate the payroll and monitor the employee’s check-in and check-out. Thus, face verification is a dire need of any business.


Face verifier uses biometric verification procedure to verify an individual through their facial features. The face is first identified and then compared with the image present on their identity document. Face recognition authenticates an individual using Artificial Intelligence and prevents the workplace and businesses from spoof attacks, identity thefts, deep fakes, etc. 


Besides providing security, facial verification helps the workplace in numerous ways. Here are the top 5 benefits of a face verifier in the workplace. 

1- Improves Workplace Security

One of the advantages of facial verification in the workplace is that it prevents the entry of unauthorized personnel. Whenever any individual enters the premises, it verifies their identity and then either provides them the access or not. This is really beneficial for all those businesses who have expensive inventory or are dealing with sensitive information and demand superior and contactless security measures. 


It uses the facial features of an individual to verify their identity. As no one can alter your facial features, they can’t have access to your sensitive data. Thus, the face verifier helps to keep the data of an employee safer when compared to the manual attendance systems. 

2- Prevents Buddy Punching

One of the greatest benefits of using online facial recognition in the workplace is to avoid buddy punching which is a popular type of employee time theft. 

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Buddy punching means the employee logs in on behalf of their buddy or coworker to make sure that they are not marked absent or even late from work. And such cases are really challenging for know Your Business to tackle and especially when the business is remote-based and the employees clock in through different locations. 


Thus, facial recognition machine learning ensures that such practice is not possible anymore. It not only helps the company save its money but also monitors the delays and absenteeism of its employees. Some face verification systems can even check whether the employee is clocking in from a correct location or not. 

3- Helps Save Time 

Monitoring any employee’s working hours and attendance is a time-consuming task when carried out manually. And if you manage to track the time and attendance somehow, many other administrative tasks need to be done such as creating employees’ schedules and payrolls, authorizing leave as well as overtime of employees, and processing of time cards and paper sheets. So, the face verifier does all the tasks quickly. 


Furthermore, face identification online removes all the occasional mistakes that can arise due to human errors. An automated attendance system that uses facial recognition gives an easy-to-manage location for managing as well as executing such processes. 


When you do not have to do these tasks on a regular or monthly basis, your precious time would be saved for those tasks which are important, urgent, and needs your time and focus. Focusing on the really important tasks would help your company grow. In short, face verification saves time, enhances productivity, and helps the company build a good reputation in the market. 

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4- Makes the Workplace COVID Compliant

Coronavirus has taken the lives of many. This has created a fear among the working force to go back to their workplace. And this is completely understandable. There is no doubt that the coronavirus vaccination is in full swing but all are still worried to carry such a deadly virus at home. 


Checking in and out using a face verifier provides a cleaner contactless way to enter the workplace. And when the biometric attendance system is used with the COVID-19 screening system, it makes the workplace COVID compliant, and the employees would feel comfortable going back to their offices. 

5- Extremely User Friendly

Another important benefit of the face verifier is that it is easy to use. Checking in and out is just as simple and easy as taking a selfie. So, the employees do not need to be panicked about the technicality of the technology. They even do not get frustrated using face recognition as it verifies an individual through just facial features. 

Final Thoughts

Online face verification Liveness & Face match, when used in the working place, benefits the employer and the employees. The employees would be satisfied when their data is safe when the information is easy to access, and when they can check-in and out easily. Whereas, the employers through a face verifier can easily monitor the attendance and employees’ working hours, avoid employee time theft, and focus on the company’s growth. Hence, the benefits that facial recognition provides in the workplace can not be denied. 

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