error code 5b02 in Canon Printer

Canon produces printers that are immensely known for high-quality, smooth, and fast printing. Canon inkjet printers are undeniably cost-effective and have replaceable ink cartridges that control the repairing and service costs. There are multiple pros of using Canon printers and positive sides of Canon printers however there are also cons and negative sides as we called them bugs or errors that a user finds while using printers, these error codes indicate something wrong these are technical issues which may be frustrating for the users.

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As we see due to the regular use of the technical devices they have the tendency to pop up with some errors and those have to be fixed. These technical flaws occur because of the thorough usage of those printers as we all know printers are heavily used for office work, assignments, and for students at home and other working places as a consequence users are apt to face error code 5b02 in their canon printers. There occurs multiple malfunctioning in the printers while using it because the device requires servicing to work again with potential. Here, in this article, we will let you about the canon support code 5b02.

What is Canon Printer Error Code 5b02?

Canon emerged with the best idea in Canon printers to set triggers for the technical flaws in the printers. The error code 5b02 is a trigger warning a user gets signaling when the ‘main ink absorber is full’. For fixing error code 5b02 it asks for replacement or service to be done, as the canon printers come up with a warranty of a few months you can take your canon printer for service if it is still under guarantee. You will notice the error code 5b02 on the screen of your printer and on the other side light flashes on the power button that is warning you to fix the error. 

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Reasons Why Canon Printer Error Code 5b02

The main reason behind this error code in canon printers is when the main ink absorber gets full. However there may be some other technical issues behind error code 5b02, these are mentioned below:

  • The error code 5b02 occurs when the Ink absorber is fully absorbed.
  • Due to an internal glitch within the printer, it stopped working.
  • It May be due to over usage of the printer that is in need of servicing or replacement.
  • Application of faulty parts in the printer can also be a reason that led to non-functioning.

How to fix Canon Error 5b02

We have a problem, we have reasons behind it and obviously, we have solutions to tackle that error. Canon printers are prone to technical flaws, these support codes indicate that something is wrong in the printer, it may be because of an internal glitch, faulty cartridges, or lack of ink the printer. The Canon printer error code 5b02 occurs when the main ink absorber gets fully filled, the light keeps on flashing warning to fix the problem in the printer. In most cases, these types of triggers or say errors get fixed. We will further discuss the methods to fix the canon error code 5b02. There are two certain methods to improve the canon printer error code 5b02:

  1. Reset your Canon Printer
  2. Utilize Service Tool

Method 1: Reset Your Canon Printer

With the regular usage of the printer, the popping of error code 5b02 in Canon printers is common, and it is important to fix this error. Here is the first method you should carefully go within your Canon printer, which is resetting the canon printer to fix the error code 5b02. To proceed you have to meticulously follow all the given steps in order to avoid error and confusion.

  • The first step is to unplug the power cord and power sources.
  • Next, remove all the wired connections from the printer including USB cables and other cords.
  • Now press and hold the start button.
  • Next, again plug in the Canon Printer
  • Press the Resume button two times while at the same time holding the Start button.
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After following these steps check the printer whether the error has been fixed or not, if not then try to fix the error 5b02 from the second method that is utilizing the service tool.

Method 2: Utilize the Service Tool

Have you tried the first method of resetting the canon printer to fix the error code 5b02 and still finding stuck? When the error code 5b02 occurs there may be different reasons. Still, if you cannot find the solution to get rid of the error 5b02 then wait, try out the second method of utilizing Service Tool in your Canon Printer. Follow all of the below-mentioned steps to fix the error code 5b02 and bring your canon printer back on its way.

  • Firstly, the user has to select the Region by expanding the drop-down list and choosing your Region.
  • Now tap on the clear ink counter, click on the main black in the dropdown menu then set.
  • Further, open the Ink Absorber Counter then click on Absorber to proceed.
  • As we have selected black ink the printer will print one sheet and then another. After this tap on EPROM.
  • After clicking EPROM, move to service tool>Auto, and select Test Print. Here, the canon printer will let you know whether it’s ready to function or not.

The above two mentioned methods are helpful and the solutions to fix the error code 5b02 in Canon Printer, trying these methods will definitely bring your printer on the way. But still, if you find these methods not functioning on your printer and are not satisfied with the results then for an accurate solution for the error 5b02 you should go to Customer Services of Canon.

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