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Are you trying to fit a lot into a small space? When it comes to organization, medicine cabinets are closets in detail. They are a great addition to any bathroom, keeping your bathroom essentials in one place – organized, neat and easy to find. Medicine cabinets often do triple duty in the bathroom – most importantly by organizing items. They act as the all-important bathroom mirror and adding some style and decor. You can make your medicine cabinet available for your own needs. cute? no problem! Choose a medicine cabinet with reversible mounting!

Swing door

The swing door works like a traditional cabinet with a hinge on one side. Swing door cabinets look great hung over a pedestal sink.

Side wall

Side wall cabinets are placed in an area not above the sink and are taller than other styles. These are great for storing large items like shampoo and conditioner bottles.

Three scenes

Tri-View  custom medicine cabinet mirror  have three panels. In some models the center is a mirror, two sides are open, while in others all three parts are open for storage. This type of cabinet is perfect for multiple people. One side can be hers and the other – or in most homes, both sides are hers and his stuff is thrown under the sink!

Surface mounted styles are attached to the wall and secured with studs. Recessed or semi-Recessed medicine cabinets may require a little more planning and installation time, but provide a cleaner look.

Every style of medicine cabinet has options for mirror placement. Choose from a basic mirror on the outside of a closed door, a mirror on the back inside the cabinet, or a mirror on the inside and outside of the door, which the mirror can see when the cabinet is open. Mirrors allow more mirror space without investing in a large medicine cabinet. Choose from double mirrored doors, swing out magnifying mirrors, sliding doors, triple doors or heated mirrors so you can see yourself even through steam.

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Medicine cabinets come in a variety of sizes and are available in many popular finishes, from natural wood to metal. For a clean storage option, non-mirror styles are also available. Remember, medicine cabinets are in a highly trafficked room, so don’t keep anything in there that you don’t want others to see!

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