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Even though people go to restaurants for the quality of food and drink, after a certain point it is the presentation, the ambiance, and the service that enables them to stand out from the competition. The guest experience begins at the parking lot and ends when they drive out. What they see, touch, taste, smell, hear and feel in between contribute to their dining experience. While myriad things contribute to the dining experience, table linen plays an important part. Some of the top reasons why restaurant owners make tablecloths part of the fine dining experience:

Perception of Elegance and Quality 

When guests step into your restaurant and are shown to their tables, the very first thing that creates an impression is the table linen. Well-chosen tablecloths and napkins give the impression the restaurant and menu is high quality. When the food and drink arrive the tablecloth serves as a perfect backdrop for a good presentation. There is no doubt that food in a restaurant using tablecloths tastes better than ones served on bare and functional tables. According to Forbes, restaurants need to use tablecloths instead of succumbing to the temptation of cutting costs by leaving the tables bare.

More Hygienic 

One of the prime functions of a tablecloth is to stop food and drink from spilling to the surface of the table. If the restaurant tables had no cover, they would have to be wiped down after every meal to sanitize them for the next diners. As you can imagine, in a crowded restaurant, it can be extremely inconvenient, not to speak, unhygienic. When you use fitted table covers, all you have to do is remove the tablecloth and replace it with a fresh one to ensure cleanliness and hygiene. A thorough wash cleans the dirty tablecloths before the next use.

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Absorbs and Contains Spills

If a guest accidentally spills water or a drink, it can spread rapidly on an uncovered dining table, causing inconvenience to the rest of the people at the table. A tablecloth can effectively contain the spill since it absorbs the liquid quickly, which means there is less chance of the guests ruining their clothes. The cleanup is also quicker and easier, leading to smiles all around.

A Quieter Dining Experience

Fine dining is about good food and service and a refined ambiance and environment. Unfortunately, this experience may be negatively impacted because of excessive noise. The sound of crockery and cutlery on a bare table surfaces when the restaurant is full of guests can make for an exceedingly noisy environment that can turn off people looking to enjoy a peaceful meal. Putting a tablecloth on the table eliminates much of the noise and can make the restaurant significantly quieter.


When guests come to your restaurant in addition to a fine meal, they are also invariably looking to enjoy themselves in an exclusive environment. Discerning customers pay for the service, ambiance, and presentation, not just for the food and drink. Carefully chosen table linen is an important aspect that should never be ignored. Many restaurants use them to reinforce their branding and aura of exclusive fine

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