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More and more customers are adopting their own way of arranging composite decks, creating eye-catching designs that make the outdoors more personal, and making the deck the focal point of their garden.

Along with our guide to combo deck floor patterns, we’ve listed a few ways you can add personality and make a statement to your yard…

Traditional layout

The traditional composite decking patterns lay evenly. When laying out large decks, the most common solution is to lay deck boards in a row without additional borders or transition boards.

Composite Deck Floor Mold

It is a common feature to twist the deck board to create a brick effect on the deck, eliminating the uniformity of the cut end. This tends to be one of the most common methods for lying composite decking.


The diagonal layout of the composite deck allows you to add a lot of dynamism to your outdoor space. This technique can be achieved by placing the board at a 45 degree angle along the joist. Even if you put a frame on the picture, it will look good.

Frame deck

This technique is useful for neatly framing the edges of enclosed spaces. Instead of leaving the edges open, you can frame them completely. Unifloorwpc’s composite deck is reversible, so you can use wood grain edges in one section and chamfer edges in the other section to emphasize the effect of the structure.

Composite Deck Floor Mold

The variety of colors in Unifloorwpc allows you to go one step further and contrast with the color of your roof.

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Herringbone pattern

Incorporating a herringbone pattern outdoors can be challenging, but once in place, it can be very effective. The pattern resembles the structure of a fishbone, hence the name “spike”.

Composite Deck Floor Mold

This design has become a trend in the interior world and can be found in soft furnishings and hardwood floors. How about taking your interiors outside for inspiration?

Chevron layout pattern

This pattern is very similar to the one found in the herringbone pattern and is shaped like a “V”. However, the difference between the two is that they overlap where the herringbone plates meet, whereas the zigzag design is not.

Composite Deck Floor Mold

In this case, the joints connect seamlessly to create a more zigzag pattern. Like herringbone technology, chevrons have once again become a popular style and are increasingly being used in the world of interior and exterior flooring solutions.


No patio tile pattern guide would be complete without a patch effect. In this design, the platform is divided into four and placed at right angles to each other.

Composite Deck Floor Mold

Add structure and personality to your outdoor space. The upside-down floor pattern actually displays throughout the deck, making it look beautiful in large spaces.

Another way to incorporate patterns into your deck

There are several different deck board patterns you can achieve in your yard to create truly unique designs such as stripes, tiles, barrels and deck coverings. All of this looks great with alternative colors that open up the world to many creative options. All of these layouts are very effective, but there are varying degrees of difficulty in applying them correctly. For more information on multi-platform installations, please visit the Installation Resources section of our website.

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