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Who doesn’t like custom donut boxes? The sweet, syrupy, soft confectionary with a hole has taken the world by storm. According to Wikipedia, the first donuts, or donut-like confectionary, appeared as far back as 1485 and since changed its shape, texture, and flavors. The sweet bakery item with a hole has taken the world by storm and is liked by kids and adults alike. This article will talk about custom donut boxes packing and how you can achieve the desired packing box to further your business.

The most popular type of box for donuts:

The most widely-used option for packing donuts is the mailer box. It offers the convenience of use and functionality. It is easy to use. The interlocking flaps of a mailer box are easy to open and close. It also keeps the donuts safe inside the box and provides ample protection. It is cost-effective and readily available too. All these qualities give mailer boxes an edge over all the other boxes when it comes to packing donuts.

What else can you do with your custom donut boxes?

As we have established that mailers are the most popular type of boxes for donuts, the question arises, is it all that we need for our donuts’ business? The answer is most certainly, not. There are several ways and methods through which you can make your donuts’ box stand out. Do not underestimate the power of packaging. It can take your product’s popularity to new heights. Here is what you can do to enhance the overall impact of custom donut boxes.

Start with an attractive look for the box:

Now, this is very vital for donuts. Not only do your donuts, but their containers need to be palatable as well. Remember, it is an edible item, and it would be great if you could make the box as eye-catching as you can. To achieve this, you can do the following;

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Appealing imagery and graphics: A donut box should display vibrant colors, animated pictures, and striking graphics. All of these should combine to create a wholesome effect on the onlookers. They should be tempted to try your donuts at least once. The box alone should have the power to pull in the customers. Therefore, the artwork on the box is of paramount importance for the donuts’ sale.

Use funky fonts and design patterns: The font that you choose to print information on the box will directly impact the box’s look. A donut box can do with awesome fonts that give it a playful image. It is all about branding your product mirthfully and creating a niche for it. Donut companies usually target young people as their potential customers. And, they like to buy items with a groovy look.

Durability should be a consideration too:

A donut is a highly perishable and edible item. It needs protection. Yes, it is lightweight by nature, and we do not want a rigid box for it, but it still needs to be durable. The container ought to be strong enough to comfortably hold whatever number of donuts it is supposed to carry. Imagine you are taking four donuts in a box and before you could put even one pc in your mouth, the box falls flat on the ground. You won’t get a repeat customer for your donuts after that. So, to avoid such happening, always go for a strong material for your boxes.

Window cut-outs should be the go-to option:

Cut-outs in a box are an excellent way to reveal the product. In a food item like donuts, their role gets more pronounced. It can tempt an onlooker who is not exactly in a mood to buy donuts and seal the deal for someone looking to buy donuts. Therefore, having these in a donut box would not only make the box look good, but it also carries commercial benefits. You can go for custom cuts to make the package more aesthetic.

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The inner material is important too:

We have discussed earlier how the material for donuts’ boxes need to be solid and durable. But equally important is the inner material of the boxes. It should be soft and delicate. The donut is a fragile item, and the package needs to preserve its freshness and save it from moisture and other environmental effects. So, always carefully choose the inner material of the boxes so that the donuts feel at home once inside.

custom donut boxes

Go for print add-ons:

There are different print styling options that you can use to make your custom donut box more enticing. For a donut, the buyers would prefer a smooth and shiny finish. So, go for lamination on the box with a glossy touch. Please don’t go for a matte finish, as it would ruin the look of the box. Other notable print add-ons for custom donut boxes can be stamp foiling, UV spot printing, embossed and debossed printing, etc. These would help make your package more attractive for the buyers.

You can check Fast Custom Boxes to make enticing and fascinating custom donut boxes. It is a reliable manufacturer of custom boxes. You can get a wide variety of packages from them, including containers for donuts and many other items. The company has a dedicated design team to cater to clients’ demands, and the turnaround time is the fastest that you can ask. Also, they ship worldwide and would provide you with 3D- mock-ups of your box before the final delivery. So, do consider this company.


That was all about custom donut boxes and their importance in the overall scheme of donuts’ business. They serve many purposes, and the least of them could be that these boxes carry and store the donuts.

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