Cryptocurrency has now become a popular medium in this digital world. People new to this decentralized money technology are eager to know how to buy Bitcoin anonymously, and everything related to the crypto world. With crypto-based websites like CoinTelegraph, CCN, NewsBTC, CoinQuora, CoinDesk, and Cryptoknowmics, you can get the daily dose of your crypto news at these sources. According to the latest crypto news update, a crypto company called Edge from San Diego has made a declaration in launching a privacy-centric Edge Mastercard. It comes with two advantages, first, no transaction fees are charged, and no collection of KYC data. The official website of Edge does not state any link of address and name with Edge Mastercard, ensuring privacy. Let us know more about this issue further.

Crypto company announces to launch of a confidential crypto Mastercard

A crypto company, Edge, has announced the launch of a privacy-centric crypto Mastercard. It is loaded with a crypto debit card where there is no need for KYC data collection. The revelation of the Edge Mastercard launch took place on the social media platform Twitter. The followers of the company were given information about instant funding and no fees for transactions. 

If we talk about the advantage of Edge Mastercard, then one can make instant spending on cryptocurrencies Dash, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, and Litecoin with no need of submitting any personal information. Gabe Higgins the founder of gave Edge props for the newbie to launch a confidential Mastercard. 

In his tweet, Higgins applauded Edge, the crypto company that has remained with its original version in providing a simple way for securing and using Bitcoin and keeping up to privacy. However, it also adjusts well to the current financial laws. The founder also mentioned no association of name and address with one’s Edge Mastercard. The transactions done are completely private, at the time of using the card. 

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Gabe also added the point in which he stated about protecting privacy while making adjustments to all the needs of international, local, and federal laws, issuers, regulations, issuers, and card associations. 

Paul Puey, co-founder of Edge takes pride in the launch of Edge Mastercard

As mentioned above that there are no fees required for using Edge Mastercard. But you have to pay $20 for its physical version. You won’t have to face any problems as it can be accepted at any place, where there is support for the use of Mastercard. This privacy-centric card can load a maximum of $1000 in terms of transaction limit. Paul was proud to introduce a concealed crypto card. 

Puey has written about how he is proud of declaring the Edge Mastercard where you won’t be bothered to submit personal information to activate or for use. It will be accepted by the merchant from the United States. The cryptocurrency company, Edge, was initially named Airbitz.Inc. Its foundation was laid eight years ago by a team of people including Paul Puey, William Swanson, Damian Cutillo, Tim Horton, and Scott Morgan. Adding one more development to the launch of Edge Mastercard, the crypto company has also greenlit Bitpay Payment Protocol which ensures accuracy in the payments done with cryptocurrency. 

More about Edge Mastercard

By using Edge Mastercard users are at advantage to sell their BTC to the card when the funds are added in the app, at the time when funds in United States dollars are received by merchants. Edge comes as a self-custody exchange that underpins cryptocurrencies that are very popular in the crypto market. 

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Founded in 2014 as Airbitz, Edge came as the only wallet for Bitcoin. Edge Mastercard is powered by a fintech and savings platform, named Ionia. It can be linked to Google Pay and other mobile payment services like Samsung Pay and Apple Pay. Its top-ups are immediate letting users spend their balance instantly. They do not have to wait for bank transfers or get confirmations. 

With the use of Edge Mastercard, a user can feel relaxed as it does not let any privacy breach, like in the case of other programs. There is no linking of your name and address to your privacy-centric crypto card. Private transactions can be made completely with its use. Now it will become easier for the users to spend privately at numerous US-based merchants with no breach of privacy or personal information. Plus, no fees will be applied, no delay in the topping up their Edge Mastercards. write for us crypto

Final words

So this is all you need to know about Edge Mastercard that comes with the assurance of no privacy breach for its users. Neither they will be asked to go through the KYC process, and submit their details. No fees are applied to using this privacy-centric crypto card, but you have to do a payment of $20 if you are using its physical version. This privacy-centric card can load a maximum of $1000 in terms of transaction limit. Log on to Cryptoknowmics for multi-cryptocurrency wallet reviews and other topics.

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