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If you’re uncertain of what to do over the weekend, one of the finest places to visit nearby to Karjat is the Blackwaters of the Pali Bhutivali dam, which would vary your routine and offer excitement. The Pali Bhutivali Dam, which is being built in the small Karjat town of Diksal, has been under development for the past 25 years. The hill retreats of Matheran and Bhivpuri are also near to the dam. The stunning scenery gives breathtaking views of the greenery and huge mountain ranges. These mountains have spectacular waterfalls that really are mesmerizing to see. Travelers and explorers can spend a weekend getaway at this place. 

Bhivpuri, a hamlet in Karjat, is well known for its waterfalls. During the rainy season, it attracts a tonne of visitors. A lovely sight during the monsoons is the Bhivpuri waterfall. The waterfall, one of the most popular tourist attractions in Karjat, is close to a number of restaurants that serve delicious cold beverages and snacks such as popcorn, chips, and sandwiches, among other things. Villagers can also be found offering vegetarian and non-vegetarian home-cooked meals to tourists. This waterfall is a great destination for individuals of all ages. Another activity that attracts adventurers is rappelling down waterfalls. 

ND Studio is among the most popular tourist attractions in Karjat. It is a movie and television manufacturing facility that uses it to film advertisements, TV shows, and movies. At this studio, significant TV series and motion pictures were filmed. The studio is endowed with wide-open spaces, havelis, fortresses, and two enormous levels measuring 240 x 100 ft for indoor shooting. The most popular movies that were filmed here include Devdas, Slumdog Millionaire, and Jodha Akbar. ND Studio, which is situated just one hour from Mumbai, has grown to be one of the most well-liked tourist destinations. Ekostay offers a collection of grandeur villas on rent in karjat

The exquisite structural design of the Kondeshwar temple, located in Sanshi, is well known. Numerous travelers from throughout the state travel to this beautiful refuge because it is one of the most well-liked Karjat tourist attractions. Lord Shiva’s historic temple in Kondeshwar was planned and constructed in the traditional Hemadpanthi style. Numerous little shrines surround the temple’s main chamber. Rajmachi and the Karjat-Khandala route are both close to the Ulhas Valley. The Ulhas Valley is among the greatest locations to visit in Karjat if you want to unwind amidst the grandeur of nature. It has beautiful scenery with sparkling waterfalls and streams that explode through the dense forest of the valley. Trains can go through the Ulhas valley because of the several routes that cut through the mountains.

  1. Paradise Villa In Karjat –
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The interiors of this villa showcase simple design, stunning color, and modern furnishings, transporting you to a vacation-like atmosphere. It radiates grace, tranquility, and good vibes. The house has five bedrooms, a private pool, a stunning view of the mountains, and a lot of vegetation. Since it is an Ekostay facility, guests may feel confident in the accommodation’s quality and service level. 

  1. Sunshine Villa In Karjat –

The 6BHK Sunshine Villa in Karjat is the stuff of summer wishes! White interiors brighten gloomy winter days and keep you cool during the summer. The doctor will definitely suggest an outdoor balcony with a sitting area and a projector for entertaining family nights. When you get to Karjat, this lovely vacation property is waiting for you. It is an affordable karjat villa with a swimming pool

At Tiger’s Leap, hiking is moderately difficult yet incredibly pleasant. One of the greatest locations to hike and trek is at this location, also referred to as the “Tiger Point.” A quick hike that is simple to complete with friends and family yields an outcome that is just delightful. The hike to Tiger Point is located in the Lonavala hills and is surrounded by rocky terrain and tropical foliage. When you arrive at the top, the vista is unmatched and merits the trek.

The 25-acre Rye Wood Park is the ideal location for a family picnic or a peaceful stroll with your loved ones. The park is filled with beautiful lawns, seats, swings, and a whole area for youngsters to play and enjoy themselves. It is soothed by soft grass. If you’re traveling to Lonavala for a long time or only for a short period, this is one of the greatest activities to do with your family. The park also includes a Shiv Temple, allowing viewers to have a religious trip while soaking in the flora. Looking for amazing adventures in Lonavala? Enjoy the land’s magical splendor, Kune Falls. The sound of the water bullets cascading down from a height of 100 m, as well as the amazing scenery, is a delight for the mind and spirit. This waterfall, which is the 14th tallest in India, is also a prime area for those who enjoy the outdoors. You may enjoy all of these experiences, whether you want to see the flowing water or just want to unwind with relaxing feelings. Three drops make up this waterfall, and the scenery is lovely enough to make you fall in love with the location.

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To access the Lohagad fort, the region’s architectural gem, go up through the rugged terrain. This journey deserves a spot among the top things to do in Lonavala. This activity is amazing as a result of offering views of the whole town and the surrounding natural beauty. You can see the merging of several artistic forms here, with the translation being “iron fort.” The walls are painted by artists, while the pillars are formed of carvings. The history buff will find something of interest in each section, which will captivate them in different ways.

  1. Blue Pebble Villa In Lonavala –

A 4 BHK Ekostay Blue Pebble in Lonavala villa with beautiful decor is nestled in the Tungarli neighborhood of Lonavala, close to Narayani Dham. Its breathtaking surroundings, cozy furnishings, and roomy architecture make it the perfect home away from home, with a private pool. You can choose to travel here with friends, family, or even your four-legged pals for the ideal weekend break and let your hair down. The Residence is a standalone villa with lovely outdoor scenery, cozy lighting, and positive energy. It is a budget friendly luxurious villa in Lonavala.  

  1. Titanium Villa In Lonavala –

The Ekostay Titanium Villa in Lonavala is the ideal choice for your next trip. It is a 3BHK luxurious villa with a pool that offers you the finest of Lonavala. A seamless blending of elegantly decorated interiors with a hint of rustic charm. Enjoy the limitless views of mountains and meadows from any of the balconies, or start the day with a lavish breakfast on the lawns. 

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