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Building a business through events is a strategy that works like a spell.

Your company’s most valuable asset is your website and its quality is the result of your success in creating events. Your site is made up of people you know and you should include everyone in this category, including family and friends. This should include your SOI or circle of influence: if you’re not sure which circle of influence, it basically means you’ve “touched” at some point in your life, personally or professionally. This can include former customers, current customers, potential customers, and pretty much anyone who is ghosting. Your midwife, vet, grocery store clerk, hairdresser, lawn mower, kindergarten teacher, and even the children who wash your car may all be under your influence.

Many businesses resist adding people to their database

 Because the person doesn’t want to buy or sell at the moment. This is a huge mistake. It doesn’t matter if you are buying or selling now. First, most of your sites aren’t populated with people who might buy and sell someday, but each of them knows about 200 people they feel comfortable with. For those who buy or sell, they are likely to do a lot of business with you if you have your own ideas. In other words, 15% of the people you know will buy or sell this year and 100% of the people you know will know someone else who will buy or sell this year. Don’t demote or remove someone from your list just because you think they have no value.

The best way to reach people is to “hook” them. The best way to do this is to plan the event.

Events are a great way to build your business website. Here are some ways to make your event the best business:

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Build Your Brand – Do You Know What Kleenex Is? What about Ziploc bags? And the polystyrene? If I said that each of these brands are not brands. Most people say things like “links”, “punches”, “pizzas” or “openers”, because these are products that don’t have a very strong identity. But when someone says “sharpie” you know it means permanent markers of various colors and sizes when they say “Velcro” you know they mean the type of closure these brands have dominated the market to the point that people have mentioned them and immediately everyone else knew what they were talking about. You need to strengthen your daylight brand in order to be the “Cindy Bishop” of real estate in your market. If you want to know more about this topic, I have the following points on building your brand.

Invite Everyone – There are a variety of events, so you shouldn’t have a problem picking

 A venue that fits your style and that many people will want to attend. You can also schedule multiple events. The key is to invite people you know and encourage everyone to bring guests so you can expand your network and meet people you don’t already know. You can also invite local businesses. A friend of mine organizes “appreciation parties” for people in his community who are often not adequately thanked for their work and community service. He has organized events for soldiers, teachers, nurses and other such rescuers, as well as assistants in schools and hospitals. These people love to attend their events because it makes them feel welcome, appreciated and important.

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Don’t worry about the little things – Many people are so involved in the little things that they sweat over the little things and don’t plan their party. Don’t panic; don’t worry so much about the charm of the event that you can’t make it happen. Start by doing just a few things, spend about an hour a day planning your event, and the rest will fall into place. The key is to just do it.

Give your brand luxury – if you do it right, your network will become a fan club.

Whatever the collection, it should be the top shelf. You shouldn’t skip any shopping because that’s how you’ll remember it (or how not). Depending on how you feel about them on this occasion, people will more or less like you. Plan and estimate the cost and then find a sponsor to pay for it. You don’t have to spend a cent on it, your contribution is the time spent planning and organizing every aspect of your event. Collect your pocket money before you do anything. Make sure you enhance them with a programming guide, display a banner or mention their name and other services. Be careful, if you promise someone that they can show up or perform at your event, that’s what you can do – you can’t promise them.

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