Facebook statistics: 1 Italian out of 2 is active from mobile

According to the latest Facebook statistics, the active Italian users per month exceed 30 million. And 28 of them are on mobile.

It is Luca Colombo , Facebook country manager for Italy, to declare the Facebook statistics in this first half of 2017 on the pages of Il Sole 24 Ore .

The updated Italian population is 59,797,977: Luca confirmed that over 30 million use Facebook every day, almost all of whom have an Internet connection . And 28 million do it from smartphones and tablets. This means that about one in two Italians uses Facebook on mobile .

Facebook Italy statistics: growing numbers

The data collected, both in terms of users and advertising investments, represent a considerable growth. We have gone from 18 million in 2010 – out of 25 million connected users – to over 30 today.

As for advertising, on the other hand, “In Italy the relationship is much higher than that of other countries, such as France or the UK”, said Luca Colombo. “Generally speaking, 10% of advertising investments on the web go to mobile. This percentage is expected to rise to 15% over the next 2-3 years “.

Advertising on Facebook: 5 million companies invest

Facebook statistics also concern investments in advertising. To date, 70 million companies in the world have an active fan page on Facebook and of these 5 million advertise on Facebook .

And even small businesses are making room: among restaurants, shops and services, requests are becoming more and more. In fact, the possibilities that can be exploited locally should not be underestimated: Facebook Locations allows, for example, to generate a geolocated store locator automatically based on the user’s location.

Facebook: leading are Europe and Asia

However, special attention should be given to the global growth of the popular social network. According to the most recent Facebook statistics revealed by the platform, it is Europe and Asia that push the Rest of the World in terms of percentage of active users.

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