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Griffinmachineryis a spin flash dryer manufacturer offering high quality flash dryers worldwide. Our flash dryers are known in the market for their durability and pass various quality tests. We also offer customer service after purchasing our products. If you encounter problems during installation or operation, our customer service department offers comprehensive support. As one of the best spin flash dryer suppliers, we strive to manufacture and export quality products that meet the global standards in terms of quality and efficiency.

Flash Drying Process

First, the wet material is distributed in a stream of hot air through a drying channel. The material is dried as it disperses, and the product is separated by cyclones and bag filters. Typically, after the cyclone, the bag filter cleans the exhaust gases until they meet applicable emission standards. If your material requires a higher thermal capacity, our machines can be used to process the exhaust gases.

Industries in which our products can be used

Spin flash dryer is used in the chemical industry to separate metals, pulp and starch.

Steel and mining industry (e.g. coal, clay, calcium carbonate)

Petrochemical industry

Food industry


Digital control panel

Fewer moving parts

High drying capacity and low power consumption

Continuous processing capability

High efficiency thermal flash drying

Manual and automatic switches are available

Easy installation

Simple and compact design

Advantages of flash drying

Flash drying is cost-effective and requires little maintenance of the machine itself.

It can be used with a variety of dewatering systems.

Flash dryers improve the quality of the product.

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They save energy and allow for system integration

Flash dryers can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Can be used in combination with other drying equipment such as spin flash dryer.

Sturdy, durable and simple construction

Suitable for larger materials

Ideal for processing large volumes.

Can cope with fluctuations in feed and moisture content.

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