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It’s so great that you applied for a job, went through the interview process, and got the position, but there is still one more step before you start working in your dream job, that most applicants are unaware of. This is the background check.  For those unaware of background checks and everything that they cover, your questions about background checks will be answered by this article.

What Do You Understand by an Employee Background Check?

Employers will conduct background checks either on their own or by hiring background check companies to make sure that you are a perfect candidate for them. Plus the information you provide to the employer about your identity, education, work history, etc. is also verified. 

Why do Employers Opt for Background Checks?

Background checks are an essential component of the hiring process since they enlighten  employers on whether a candidate has the education and experience necessary for the position. The company can be sure that a candidate can perform the job well, by verifying all of this. What if candidates falsify their work history or educational credentials? An employer avoids such a risk with a background check. 

The background check is a standard method in which an employer must ensure that the applicant has provided accurate information. 

  • Past Employment Verification

Employers must conduct this vital background check to confirm a candidate’s previous employment history and determine whether they are qualified for the position. Generally, this check is used to confirm that the candidate’s claimed employment history is accurate. With the help of past employment verification, hiring companies can look into a candidate’s past employment history and learn more about them, including their track record of job stability, type of work experience, supervisory/leadership experience, etc. If the individual is shortlisted for the position, this check also helps reveal any employment gaps that may be discussed. The past employment verification confirms:

  • Job start/end dates
  • Positions held
  • Description of responsibilities 
  • Reason(s) for exit
  • Details of compensation/perks
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This check also serves as a reliable indicator of a candidate’s honesty and integrity, given the high frequency of overstated and fake employment history statements.

  • Education Verification

Candidates sometimes attempt to pass off their merely attending a course as having graduated. Many businesses believe certain checks, like criminal background checks and work history checks, are more crucial than education verification. However, exaggerated claims of academic success and educational credentials are also fairly common. If left unchecked, such misrepresentations can negatively impact hiring outcomes quite significantly. They can only be verified by an education verification check. Essentially, this check verifies if the candidate’s declared educational credentials are accurate. The law dictates that certain jobs call for a specific level of training, education, or certification. Employers can confirm such qualifications through education checks with the appropriate authorities should the necessity arise.

  • Reference Check

Employers frequently request references from the companies a candidate has previously worked for. The reference check evaluates traits including work ethic, professionalism, morals, leadership potential, and teamwork. Verifying past achievements and professional contributions made in previous firms is also made possible by the reference check.

  • Credit Background Check

A candidate’s credit history is reviewed during the credit background check. The credit history comes from reputable and well-known credit bureaus. Many nations and jurisdictions have laws requiring that the individual in question be notified before conducting credit checks. This examination enables employers to determine whether a candidate is financially responsible. This screening assumes considerable significance for financial services hires.

  • Criminal History Check

A company can determine whether an applicant has a criminal background by conducting a criminal history check. The criminal background check aids in determining whether a candidate poses a risk to the company’s clients or other employees. When someone breaks the law, criminal processes typically follow, and the offender is penalized if proven guilty.

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The following records are frequently examined during a criminal background check:

  • National criminal databases
  • Criminal court records
  • Sex offender databases/registries

Safeguard Your Business!

  • Hire New Professionals Carefully

Although hiring staff is never easy, it is especially crucial for businesses that work with financial data or sensitive customer data. There is always a risk involved with hiring specialists who must handle sensitive data.

As a result, verifying the applicant’s employment, looking into their prior experience, and conducting comprehensive background verifications via a talent market network are crucial. These elements are required to prevent employee fraud. 

  • Invest in Reliable Technologies and Service Providers 

It is entirely acceptable for businesses to outsource their operations and in some circumstances, it is the best way to proceed. A business must determine if a new technical support provider, logistics intelligence platform, or software has a good reputation in the industry before hiring it as well. 

Hence, companies must prioritize conducting background checks on employees to reduce risk, provide a safe working environment, prevent fraud, build trust, and safeguard their business’s profitability and brand value. Background screening service providers offer companies thorough, helpful information so they can decide, confidently reduce risk, and uphold compliance.

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