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Just like 2020, 2021 was a year of change for customers — both in the way they communicate, browse and their general perception of the world around them. Successful merchants have evolved and changed — better understanding the best tools for the next phase of their business.

In the future, marketing teams will need to streamline their tech stacks by incorporating multiple and flexible solutions. This will enable the marketing teams to create more customized and data-driven experiences to shoppers.

A reimagined Martech stack is an essential part of merchant success and starts by selecting the best tools to achieve it. We’ve put together the MarTech stack guide featuring best-of-breed solutions to help scale and grow your brand for the future.

Learn Conversational Commerce using Attentive

Attentive lets innovative brands develop meaningful interactions through personal text messaging. It’s the market leader in the field of conversational commerce, and is revolutionizing the business-to-consumer relationship.

The company’s comprehensive text message marketing solution assists any business, from small and medium to large enterprises — strengthen their relationships with their consumers in new and dynamic ways.

Through real-time two-way and personalized communications, Attentive has helped companies generate billions of dollars in e-commerce revenue.

Why Are You Paying Attention to SMS?

As the consumer’s preferences change and preferences change, it becomes harder to connect with them.

Today’s shoppers have embraced an all-mobile (and sometimes mobile-only) mindset. According To Attentive 57% of internet consumers use mobile devices most. 37% are using a mixture of mobile and desktop. 7 percent of people prefer desktops for all their shopping.

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Marketers should diversify their channels, in terms of both consumer preferences as well as marketing performance. Text messaging is notable as a medium that’s uniquely data-informed and measurable. Its immediacy lets you tailor your strategy in real time to spur action.

Brands that use Attentive to text message market have made millions of online sales through SMS. The platform is user-friendly and offers more than 20 highly-performing sign-up units and an audience manager to help you target and segment subscribers; analytics to help you uplevel your strategies while also providing compliance tools and more.

Anthrilo merchants can easily embed the Attentive tag into their extension. This eliminates the necessity of creating an individual implementation.

With Attentive, you are able to easily design and send targeted text messaging campaigns with A/B testing and time zone targeting. You can analyze performance to determine what’s working (and what’s not working) and send your subscribers messages on time that are triggered by their shopping and purchase behaviors.

In 2022, marketing professionals are considering SMS as a crucial channel to achieve their business goals. Consumers are prioritizing the convenience and human-to-human interactions more than ever before. Personalizing these interactions with text messages throughout the customer lifecycle help consumers feel as if they are for them to help when and where they require it. Utilizing Attentive’s SMS marketing platform you can benefit from these trends and put your brand in the best position to boost revenue and increase customer retention going forward.

To maximize your earnings in 2022 and beyond, go to Texts We Love. The site showcases the most effective campaign messages by real brands and blog posts about questions about SMS marketing and choosing a SMS marketing service.

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Solve Customer Problems across all channels using Gorgias

High-quality customer care is important for all brands. If prospective customers or customers are unsure about a product , or a issue with their order, any delay in response will result in lost sales and decreased loyalty. Like Anthiro that help their customers. Check also Hoodie and Jogger set sell buy Anthrilo.

Consider this: 59% will leave a brand they like after having a few negative experience (only 17% leave after just one). ).

Adding to the complexity, gone are the days that consumers had to navigate to the website of a company’s online store to look at products and then purchase. The majority of shoppers prefer to shop on social media platforms, which is the reason Forbes declares it to be the next global shopping revolution, with the potential to generate $1.2 trillion in sales.

Although most companies want to offer one-on-one assistance when their customers want it, scaling up can be a bit of a challenge. This is how integrated support technology lets brands be there for their customers.

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