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The social media ecosystem continues to evolve as we approach 2022. TikTok surpassed 1 billion users in September, Increasing Real Instagram Followers since the beginning of the year, making it the most exciting platform for marketers in 2021.

While Instagram has lost some of its lustres, it remains one of the most popular social media platforms. While it has not updated its official user count since 2018, when it surpassed 1 billion members, it is currently estimated to have 1.38 billion users. While TikTok is now on fire, Instagram remains a formidable competitor.

33.1 per cent of Instagram’s user base consists of millennials, which is arguably the most significant demographic.

With 91 per cent of millennials preferring to shop online, this demographic also holds a significant share of the market’s purchasing power. When you think about these facts and how many people use Instagram, you can’t ignore the channel for long.

Consequently, standing out as a company and gaining meaningful traction on Instagram is not as straightforward as it once was. Here are five strategies to increase your participation in 2022:

Utilize the New Collaboration Feature.

When Instagram adds a new function, there is no assurance that it will appeal to marketers generally. Since the Collab function is a crucial tool for optimizing cooperation with other users and directly engaging new audiences, it is an exception to the rule.

The Collab feature allows each collaborator to instantly share the same post while also showing them as co-authors of the post they are working on together. Each collaborator can now have the same post appear on their feed, replete with the same number of likes and comments as previously required to promote such cooperation.

This creates a direct conduit to your collaborator’s following and increases your credibility by association. Collaborations between brands and influencers, as well as special announcements, may all be implemented immediately.

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Combine giveaways with influential individuals.

The value of Instagram giveaways is hardly a secret. According to one study, giveaways can increase the number of followers on an account by up to 70%, with 64 times the number of comments and 3.5 times the number of likes as regular postings. However, partnering with an influencer expands your reach even further.

Influencer marketing is growing rapidly. At the conclusion of this year, it is anticipated that the influencer marketing sector would be worth a total of $13.8 billion.  Instagram is regarded as the most important medium for influencer marketing by 68 per cent of brands.

When you consider that many customers rely on influencer recommendations, you’ve got a winning marketing plan on your hands. Combining the power of influencers with the benefits of a giveaway has been shown to work over and over again.

Encourage users to create more content.

Similar to how influencers may provide credibility to your company, user-generated material, or UGC, can do the same. When you employ user-generated content, you are inviting a collaborator who is aligned with your target audience to offer you something that appears more natural than traditional advertising would. This is an advantage that you gain when you use user-generated content.

With the development of TikTok, consumers are seeking genuineness in the content they consume. This is clear from Instagram Reels.

Based on TikTok-style uploads, Reels’ popularity has surged in the past two years. Why? because they are often organic, uncurated, and more spontaneous. They do not appear to be commercials, which can result in more engagement and longer viewing times.

Any form of user-generated content is a wonderful addition to your Instagram profile because it provides credibility to your brand. Genuine individuals using your product or service in real scenarios can create a stronger connection with consumers than a traditional advertisement.

If you want high-quality, consistent user-generated content (UGC), consider implementing a brand ambassador program.

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Pay Attention

Asking questions and listening attentively to your audience is essential.  It makes customers feel like they have a say and can help you improve your product or service.

Polls are a quick and simple method for achieving this goal. With 58 per cent of users indicating that seeing a product in an Instagram Story increases their interest in it, Instagram Stories are already a significant tool for marketers.

Polling your audience through a story has the potential to be much more effective, given that you may obtain quick input that can be exploited in a variety of ways.

Additionally, brand ambassador programs can be a potent instrument for obtaining constant feedback from your most loyal clients. By establishing Instagram groups where you can connect directly with brand ambassadors, they can help you gauge what customers are thinking on the ground.

By listening to ambassador feedback, organizations have a greater opportunity to engage with their target market and accelerate the building of a devoted fan following.

Give Regular Benefits

If you want to keep people interested in your brand on Instagram, you need to provide them with more than just advertisements. It is important that your audience feels inspired to interact with the information you create on a consistent basis.

To keep your customers engaged, it doesn’t matter how far along in the customer journey they are; offering value to them will keep them coming back for more.

In 2022, Instagram cannot be ignored.

Even while TikTok’s popularity is rising, you should not yet devote all of your marketing efforts to it. Instagram continues to be a prominent tool for marketers to communicate with their audiences, particularly millennials.

Instagram’s new features, established user base, and marketing tools make it a vital tool that cannot be disregarded in 2022. TikTok may be a newcomer to the scene, but Instagram is a seasoned pro.

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