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In the common understanding words, luxury and expensive are almost always synonyms. Although, the pricey trip almost always means a luxurious one, not every fancy trip is supposed to be worth a fortune. In this article, we want to share with you our advice on how to plan your vacation as well as possible!

1. Decide what you want

First, you need to know accurately which type of holiday you prefer: an active one or a passive one? Maybe both? Do you want to make friends with someone interesting? Get a blast at music or cultural festival? Or do you prefer to seclude yourself to recharge your batteries? Set a goal, and don’t focus on some iconic images – it confuses and distances you from your own image! 

2. Subscribe to the airline company’s newsletter

You may be afraid of spam letters, but in this case, it would be rather helpful. The point is that airline companies often offer occasional discounts, including personal ones. So if you subscribe, you get a chance to be among the first, who knows about it. You can get even business class flights at a reasonable price! 

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3. Follow not popular travel bloggers

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You may wonder why exactly not the popular ones? Do we have something against them? The fact is the more popular the blogger, the higher the likelihood of, what we call, “venality” in their content. Each situation is unique of course, but typically it’s difficult to differentiate whether a friendly recommendation is a genuine one or just an advertisement.

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Ok, so you’ve found a good one. For what? Travel bloggers are almost always live guides on how to do something in the best way, or what not to do. Moreover, that’s just fun, to educate and entertain yourself at the same time. 

4. Choose an ingenious destination

You must admit, that Bali or Maldives are hackneyed nowadays. Think about the trip to more emerging places, for example, Georgia, the Cook Islands, or Launceston in Tasmania. Instead of witnessing the views from your wallpapers, experience something newer. It’s fantastic to open up absolutely unknown horizons!

5. Use your debit card

It might be not obvious, but while using your card everywhere(groceries, shops, online shopping) you contribute to the activation of various bonus programs and the accumulation of these bonuses. Although such kinds of reward programs are usually arranged by a bank itself, it often applies to many-many services. Don’t be lazy and read the terms of a particular program to know for sure. Maybe you already have some extra perks to spend! 

6. Stay at the recently opened hotels

Staying at newly opened hotels is just a genius idea you could successfully use for years! Luxury hotels automatically become affordable because of crazy opening discounts and offers, which are started to attract customers. For example, in the first months after opening, Soneva Jani in the Maldives and Six Senses Bhutan gave its visitors savings of more than 50% (including numerous extras). Some hotels will even let you set your own price through negotiation. There appears to be an increase in luxury hotels, particularly in Asia. So choose wisely, and check if there are some new hotels nearby your destination.

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7. Don’t get obsessed

While you trying to plan a luxury trip within your means, not to accidentally overpay, you lose time and energy. Get the moment, rent a car and run your trip. It can be a luxury car rental, to fulfill your need for splendor. 

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