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A sales quota is the goal a salesperson sets for themselves to reach at the end of the quarter. Many salespeople have the difficult task of meeting their sales quota. How can they be sure that they come in on target? Here are  tips to efficiently fulfill your sales quota goal setting 

1) Know your customers – This can help you understand their needs and what you could offer them. Understanding will make it easier to find a win-win solution for everyone involved and create a closer bond between customer and company.

2) Prepare for the customer – Know the client’s situation, budget, needs, how long is on their plate, etc., so that you’re prepared for anything when a sale is made. Also, research the market to see what other companies are offering and how they are positioned. Make sure you’re getting things covered in this area as well.

3) Set goals – Do not change your quota in the middle of the season – this is a recipe for failure. Set a target at the beginning of the season and meet it at the end. In between, allow for contingencies if something unexpectedly throws you off track.

4) Positioning is critical – Even though it’s easy to put out an ad and take people’s money, it might be hard to get them in the door. Position your products or services as something that adds value to people’s lives. In the end, this will make them happier clients who will stay with you for the long term.

5) Rely on the team – This allows you to stay sharp and be more effective when closing sales. It also makes it possible for more people to become involved in sales if they have agreed and are willing to help out.

6) Leave room for negotiation – You can always come back to an offer. Although you may have spent a great deal of time researching the market and pricing your product, you never know what the client might have waiting in their back pocket or if some special promotion gives them extra incentive to buy from you.

7) Have fun – To meet your sales quota and get it done professionally, you need to enjoy your work. The most successful people are those who do what they love.

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8) Sales is a numbers game – Don’t give up. It would help if you kept going with the same determination to reach your goal.

9) Be flexible – You will not always be able to have a detailed plan of action. Things can change, and that’s okay. The most important thing is to keep yourself open to take advantage of opportunities.

10) Stay positive – Don’t let negative thoughts get in your way and distract you from what needs to be done.

11) Creativity – In the end, you can always try other methods to increase sales, such as advertising. While this isn’t a surefire way, it could get the same level of sales as you would from someone who walks in your door or calls you.

12) Be in touch – While things can go wrong and unexpected changes occur, be sure your clients know about them. This will allow them to feel involved in the process and make their needs known if something isn’t being fulfilled.

13) Be persistent – This is important when you’re selling your product or service and keep customers coming back after they’ve already purchased from you.

14) Create a team and support each other – Working as a team is a way to increase sales, fulfil your quota, and have fun simultaneously. This will help to divide the workload so that you can do more.

15) Learn from your mistakes – Chances are good that you will fail at least once in the sales cycle, maybe even more than once. Learn from your mistakes, and don’t let them distract you from what needs to be done. Failure is part of life and can be used as a valuable lesson. Be sure not to repeat the same mistake twice, or it could cost you in the long run.

16) Be flexible with time – Being flexible with time is a valuable skill in sales. It helps you to be able to work around other people’s schedules and places when it’s most convenient for them to arrive at your place of business. There could be unexpected delays that cause the client to come home later than expected and will make them more receptive.

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17) Be nice – Being nice isn’t just about putting the customer at ease; it’s also. It shows others that you care about their needs and how they feel about your product or service. You’ll be surprised at how much this will help you achieve your sales quota as well as helping othelpcome more satisfied with what they’ve bought from you.

18) Keep everything organized. This  allows you to do things faster. The most important things are to have all of your sales materials in a central place and always know what you’re doing.

19) Observe the customer’s movements – This will help you to be aware of what they’re doing. If they seem distracted, don’t bother them with questions or comments that might offend them. If they’ve been looking at the product for a while and then brought out paperwork, it might be because they want to buy, but are just not sure how much to spend yet.


As per Wikipedia quotas definition is the amount of shares an individual or team is supposed to receive. In sales, it is the target that a salesperson receives

Sale is an important part of any business. From creating camaraderie among the employees to motivating the best out of them, those responsible for sales have a lot of responsibility. No matter how much experience you might have or how much you know about your product or service, if you didn’t put these things into action then it won’t mean anything. Without sales, there will be no customers, which means no business and no jobs.

If you aren’t getting sales and aren’t meeting your quota, ask yourself why. Start by making a list of all the various factors that might be affecting your sales. Are they having to do with the competition? Is there a certain product that isn’t selling well? Is something else going on in their life affecting them? If you can find out what is causing it then you can work to address it before it gets worse.

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