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LinkedIn Likes is the need of the time and hence used by almost everyone in a need to start a professional career. You may have created your LinkedIn profile too, in the same wake, when it has to be the start of your professional career too.

As time passes, people change and their needs change according to that. You jumbo from smaller to bigger levels, and the ways get simpler to complex ones. So is the case with your career building, when it comes to LinkedIn? 

If you have desired to expand the area of your influence on LinkedIn and now you want to power a new and entirely different career transition than you may have had in past, you can easily do that by making a few changes to your already existing LinkedIn profile.

You can also create a new LinkedIn account keeping in view all the parameters that are mentioned below. It will help you a lot to get your career transition powered effectively. 

Step 1: Rewrite the Headline on Your Profile:

When you initially start working on your LinkedIn profile, you add the headlines of the profile according to one targeted post or genre of the job. If the career transition you are desiring is of the same genre then you can keep going with the same headline you had chosen before.

But if the shift is toward a broader zone of professionalism, and you are now looking forward to a new kind of job, then you must change your headline and rewrite it according to the job and career you are aiming for. Try to explain yourself, and choose words according to the desired posts. Try to reshape your headlines according to your aimed career. 

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Step 2: Highlight your New Activities in “About”

The career you are aiming at needs you to be explicit about yourself. You need to first explain yourself to the LinkedIn community and you must highlight the recent activities you have done which may relate to your desired post or job.

Your LinkedIn profile’s “about” section is the best place to do this. You can highlight your new activities in this section and try to convince the viewer that you are really worthy of the post you are looking for, by showing them your involvement in those areas.

Step 3: Integrate your New Experiences

From the time you have created your LinkedIn profile to the time you need to switch it for your career transition, you experience many things. Those are either lightly or heavily professional, but in one way or another, if it has a direct link with your desired post, you need to integrate it in your LinkedIn profile.

This is the best thing you can do in order to get a successful profile directory for the career transition on LinkedIn. Your new experiences will help find you new opportunities, so you must highlight them as much as you can. 

Step 4: Include your Substantive Work Experience

The substantive work you have done means the work directly links to the job you currently are aiming at. You can integrate all the professional experiences you have in your new LinkedIn profile if you need to power career transition but the gold in these stones will be the substantive work you have done so far.

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Try to make direct links between your old career with the new one you are desiring and it will help pave the way toward more diversified opportunities. 

Step 5: Use Relevant Keywords

You may have seen that people from a specific tribe or country can only understand their own language. So is the case with professionalism. If you are targeting one kind of career opportunity, then in order to attract people from that specific realm, you must talk to them in the language of that particular area.

Try to use the keywords specific to the area you are currently dealing with. The expressions and phrases you are using must be equivalent to the levels of the people present in that particular field. Talk to them in their language, and thus you will be able to power your desired career transition. 

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