Web Designers in Melbourne

Nowadays, it is almost an unspoken rule for businesses to have an online presence, irrespective of the industry.  A strong online presence can be the key to making or breaking a business and a website is essential in consolidating that online presence for you.

And your website’s design is the medium that eventually reflects the value you’re adding, as a business, making it an important aspect to consider— looking for Web Designers in Melbourne? We’ll get to that bit. But first,

Web Designers in Melbourne
Web Designers in Melbourne

Is A Website Necessary If You Have A Strong Social Media Presence?

A GE Capital Retail Bank Survey shows that 81% of retail shoppers conduct online research before buying. With such a staggering majority of consumers starting their research online, it always helps to have a business website.

Consolidating a strong presence on social media alone is not enough. As consumers adopt online shopping habits, post the pandemic, they’re becoming more thorough with their research before making a purchase. To ensure that consumers want to buy from you, you must broaden your presence online. In other words, go beyond just Facebook & Instagram and try to diversify. A website consolidates your online presence & validates it more, as well.

Reasons You Need a Website for Your Business

A website can contribute to your business’s growth in many ways. Here are some top reasons why your business needs a website.

  • Add credibility. The most important reason to opt for a website is that it adds credibility to your business. There are several businesses in the industry that offer services similar to yours. Having a website that clearly communicates the business’s purpose & intent always helps in standing out from the rest.
  • Draw in more potential customers. A business is only as big as its pool of potential customers. Operating only from a physical location might restrict that number significantly. However, an online presence could allow your business to reach a wider base.
  • Provide an always-ON sales & support channel. A website allows you to serve your customers round-the-clock. It also allows you to provide your customer with assistance anytime & anywhere, without the restrictions of the more traditional form of conducting business.
  • Boost sales offline.  A website also allows you to boost your sales in-store, as well. A large chunk of consumers start their research online & end up purchasing offline. A website lets your consumers look at your products before they take the plunge.
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Strategies to Make Your Website Noticeable By Google

To harness the maximum potential of your website, you must ensure that your website is appealing & optimized according to the needs of your audience. And for all of that to happen, you must ensure that your website gets noticed by search engines. The most popular search engine is undoubtedly Google. And here are some ways to get your website picked by Google.

Get Registered with Google Search Console

This free tool from Google lets search engines index your website. This is the fastest way to get your website included in Google search results, irrespective of the platform you’ve used for building your website.

Make the Titles Compelling with Keywords

Adding keywords to titles, meta-tags & meta-descriptions is always a fool-proof way of getting your website noticed by both search engines & searchers. But the trick lies in not overdoing it and ensuring that your keyword density is somewhere between 1% to 4%.

Create Quality Content

NEVER compromise on the quality of your content. Well-researched, concise content with images & visuals is always more appealing than drab, weak & underdeveloped content. After all is said & done, remember that “Content Is King”.

Run Google Ads

While Google Ads cost money, they are a sure-shot way to enhance your online presence. For instance, if you search for “Web designers Melbourne”, your search results show this (add a suitable image below for representation). As is evident, Google Ads allows your business to shoot to the top of Google search results. And if not at the very top, it will increase your chances of getting noticed.

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Web Designers In Melbourne

While you can always try setting up your website, it always helps to hire a Web Design Agency in this case. That’s because getting a website for your business is an investment. And it is done with the sole objective of expanding the reach of your business. Therefore, getting an expert to get the job done is always better than taking a trial & error approach.

If you’re in Melbourne & you’re looking for a web design agency, there are so many to choose from. Always go for an agency with an established client base & years of experience rather than a fresh one. Conduct your research on top web designers in Melbourne before you finally decide on the one you want to go with.

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