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“I’m a grateful student. It’s a joy to learn new terms and terms,” Jamie Lee Curtis who’s daughter Ruby has come out as transgender in the last year, exclusively informs PEOPLE.

The previous year Jamie Lee Curtis’s daughter Ruby spent time on the family’s Los Angeles backyard with her mother and father, comedian Christopher Guest.

Ruby was going to say to them. She planned to declare herself trans. However, she wasn’t able.

“It was terrifying — simply the possibility of telling them something about me that they did not know about,” Ruby tells PEOPLE as she sat down at their home the week before. “It was a bit scary, but I didn’t worry. They’d been so accepting of me all my life.”

So Ruby guest went away, and then called her mother. The memory of Jamie Lee: “I called her straight away. Naturally, there were tears.”

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However, today Ruby 25, who is an editor of videos for a gaming celebrity on YouTube She is now more relaxed when she, along with her mother, prepares to discuss her experience in public for the very first time.

Also, Jamie Lee, 62 -but still in some tears is willing to listen. “It’s learning a new tongue,” she says. “It’s the process of learning new terms and terms. I’m still learning. I’m not a person who claims to be knowledgeable about it. If I’m not careful, I’ll blow it. I’m bound to make mistakes. I’d like to do my best to avoid making huge mistakes.”

Also, Jamie Lee, 62 -and still shedding the occasional tear — is ready to listen. “It’s being a language that’s new to me,” she says. “It’s getting to know new terms and vocabulary. I’m still learning. I’m not pretending to be knowledgeable about it. If I’m not careful, I’ll blow it. I’ll make mistakes. I’d like to make an effort to avoid making major mistakes.”

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Jamie Lee says she’s learned some aspects: “You slow your speech down a bit. You’re more conscious of the words you’re using. What you’re saying. You’re still prone to mistakes, I’ve made mistakes today twice. We’re human.”

“But should someone who is reading this and sees the image that shows Ruby and me, and declares, ‘I am free to declare that this is me and I’m happy about it, then it’s worthwhile.”

In the video below, Jamie Lee and her daughter talk to PEOPLE about Ruby’s life journey.

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Ruby is, for a lot of LGBTQ people being out, isn’t something that happens once.When was the first time you were capable of being able to say,”I am Ruby” to yourself?

Ruby:When I was about 16 years old, a close friend of mine who was trans-sexual asked me about my gender. I replied, “Well, I’m male.” Then, I would dwell on the idea. I knew that I wasperhaps not Ruby as such but I was aware that I was distinct. However, I had a bad encounter in therapy, and I didn’t declare myself trans] until I could have. Seven years later and still being Tom in the moment, I informed the person who’s now my fiancĂ© that I was likely trans. They responded, “I love you for the person you are.”

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JAMIE Lee:When Ruby jfuest ust said her dead name, I’ve never heard her mention this name before. It’s just not what she wanted to be. This was, naturally the most difficult thing. It was just the consistency in the name. It’s the name you’ve used to name as a child. The name you’ve been using for your entire life. So, naturally initially, that was the issue. Then, the pronoun. My husband and I continue to make mistakes from time to time.

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Ruby:I don’t get mad at them for this.

JAMIE Lee:I think that’s sort of evolutionary and an significant step in our house. We’ve tried to preserve it in a significant way. I’m learning lots from Ruby.

Jamie Lee, there is this saying: “A mother knows.”

JAMIE Lee:I knew Ruby had been with a man. I was aware it was because Ruby was using the term bi. However, the gender of a person and their sexualityboth are distinct things. And I’m sure I’ve heard that Ruby was a female avatar on videogames. However, if you ask me, “Did you have an impression that Ruby was transgender?” I’d not say yes. But as I watched Ruby’s story, I thought, “Hmm, that, that is, that.”

Ruby While you and your sibling Annie have parents who are well-known but you’re two private individuals.Do your parents’ Hollywood legacy have any impact on your decision to come out?Did it create pressure?

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