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Immigration – Migration is used interchangeably to denote the international movement of individuals from one country to another – where they do not hold citizenship and look forward to settling as permanent residents.  

The best immigration consultants in dubai are the ones that offer effective communication with every client and understand their needs and interests to then provide customized solutions and representation which will be within the legal immigration framework.

The various services offered for immigration in Dubai through ICCRC registered consultants and MARA registered consultants respectively is the right way to follow and make your dreams come true.

The services offered by Migration consultant in Dubai are as follows:

  • Skilled migration: The skilled program of the Migration process is specially designed to attract or invite migrants to make a significant contribution to a country’s economy and fill positions that are vacant within an economy. Also, skilled migrants have a high participation rate in any workforce, thereby stimulating economic growth subsequently which results in more jobs.
  • Obtaining PR under business migration: The primary reason for having such a program is to promote the local domestic and economic development, additionally, this also helps attract a higher number of investors, entrepreneurs, self-employed individuals, and businesses to boost the economy to new heights. Obtaining permanent residency for business can be through the following –
  1. Business Visitor Visa – This category is only meant for those individuals who are interested to travel temporarily to conduct business in international markets leading to creating, investing, and expanding business.
  2. Entrepreneur Immigration – The government and provinces launch such programs so that they can attract and entice candidates with high net worth having experience in business management. This will directly result in boosting economic development and number of jobs within the country.
  3. Investor Immigration – This category is meant for individuals that possess a higher net worth that can be invested in some business which leads to economic development.
  4. Self-Employed Immigration – A country also invites self-employed individuals for immigration purposes to stay with a Permanent Residency status. Before these individuals apply for this program they must have appropriate work experience in the specific industry or athletic activity in the last five years.
  5. Start-up visa program – This type offers PR status along with work permit visas to skilled immigrants entrepreneurs to stay within the country, start and innovate business opportunities
  • Study abroad programs: A recent study has found that nowadays students consider the single most important factor while finalizing university as a chance of landing a good job along with work opportunity and then finally settling abroad in the same country.
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Other than the above services, the migration consultant must also provide end-to-end services from defining the country of choice, full support in the submission of applications, and complying with all the requirements. In addition to this, every country or region has its particular migration law which needs to be understood and abided by. Along with this the consultant must also provide full support and provide a full understanding of what’s to be done once you arrive in a particular country as an immigrant.

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