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Brand new office furniture is a motivating event for the staff in any company. In addition, the improvement of office design and the incorporation of new elements help maintain a fresh and current image in the workplace.

For cases where the budget is tight, we have good news it is not always necessary to change all the furniture to a brand new office design! Most of the time we can give a surprising change to the workplace by refurbishing the furniture, deep cleaning, and carrying out proper maintenance of the elements that do not need special intervention.

The daily cleaning that is carried out in the offices must be complemented with other deeper cleaning sessions to keep the office furniture in good condition and prevent deterioration.

We leave you with the best advice so that you can postpone the refurbishment of your office furniture store tampa as long as possible, and so that when necessary, there is not a big difference between the renovated and the old furniture.

Wood: Wood needs a little more thorough cleaning from time to time, especially if it is natural wood. Use specific products, and then moisturize it to prevent the grain from cracking and to preserve its shine.

Leather: Leather is one of the most comfortable materials that exist, but it also requires regular maintenance. Over time, leather tends to dry out and crack, to avoid this, clean it with a damp cloth and apply protective waxes to its entire surface.

Maintenance and reconditioning of office furniture
Office chairs Check that the office chairs maintain all their functions and can be perfectly adjusted to the position of the employees. Check the screws that tend to loosen with use, and don’t forget to clean the wheels so they don’t stop rolling smoothly.

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The textile: The office design needs elements such as rugs, curtains, cushions, etc. But as happens with all textiles, they tend to accumulate mites and dirt, if they are not maintained constantly. Make sure you follow a monthly textile cleaning plan! Not only will you gain health for your employees, but you will also prevent the rest of the office furniture from collecting dust, and the office design will look more beautiful and shiny.

There are times when, despite all the care, some elements need to be professionally repaired.

The reconditioning of office furniture allows giving a new useful life to worn elements, with the advantage that it is much cheaper than the acquisition of new elements, and that it also allows aesthetics to be maintained without the need to carry out a new office design.

The furniture reconditioning process varies depending on the needs, it can involve sanding and lacquering a file cabinet, renewing the cushions of office chairs, fixing the pieces that have deteriorated, etc. Whatever the problem, with the refurbishment of the furniture the elements will always be like new.

With proper cleaning, maintenance, and reconditioning of office furniture, your workplace will keep that aura again for much longer.

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