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These we all are facing lockdown due to coronavirus from more than 50 days. But in a few places, most of the services have been resumed, but still, there are place cities where complete lockdown is going on. During lockdown due to coronavirus, we all are advised to live a healthy life so that we can avoid the coronavirus infection.

As we all know that coronavirus is one of the infectious diseases which spread from person to person through droplets. Thus our health ministry and other government agency advised us to live inside the home and wear a face mask when we go outside the house. They also ask us to wash our hands frequently for at least 20 seconds.

There is no vaccination for this infectious disease, but following some preventive measures, we can protect us from getting sick due to coronavirus. Without going into the details, we are focusing on one of the essential precautionary steps is drinking pure and healthy water. As we know, our elders always say we should drink more amount of water.

Have you ever wonder why? Because the drinking of water maintains hydration level inside your body which protect you from various infection and non-infectious disease. And our healthy ministry also believes that maintain proper hydration level help you to fight against coronavirus.

Thus drink a sufficient amount of water. A healthy male should drink 2.5 to 3 liters of water, whereas a healthy adult female should drink 2 to 2.5 liter of water. But only drinking water is not sufficient as these days; the drinking water quality of water is not suitable for drinking purposes due to the presence of heavy contamination.

But with the help of the water purifier, all kinds of water contamination can be eliminated. But your water purifier needs regular aquaguard service center. At Aquaguard service near me, we offer service of all brands of water purifiers. Thus you can book aqua guard services at ro service center even during the lockdown. But if in your area water purifier is still not allowed, then don’t worry here we are going to guide to make your water filter for an emergency.

Material Required To Make Water Filter In Lockdown Due To Coronavirus

  • The material which you need to make emergency water filter are
  • Plastic bottles or comparable food-safe container
  • One more container for clean water
  • Cotton or cheese clothes but ensure it is clean
  • Coffee filters or any other porous clothes
  • Charcoal
  • Sand
  • Pebbles

How To Make Water Filter During Lockdown At Home

You can have your water filter at your home to get pure and healthy water all the time you drink water. Here are the few steps which will help you to make a water purifier at your home for pure water.

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1. Cut Bottom Off

With the help of the scissor or knife, cut off the bottom of the plastic bottle so that you can quickly put the filtering material inside this bottle. But make sure that the cap of the bottle is not missing. If the cap of the bottle is missing, then cut off the top of the bottle.

2. Poke A Small Hole In The Cap

Now again, with the help of the scissor or knife, poke a small pore in the cap or several small holes in the bottom of the bottle.

3. Create 1st Layer Of The Water Filter

With the help of the coffee filter or cotton clothes, stuff the bottle. You can also use sand and glass. With the help of the grass, create a 2-3 inch layer so that more significant particles present in water can be removed and to avoid the taste of the chlorophyll due to the grass use 3-4 inches layer of very sand. But while creating a grass layer, make sure to avoid unidentified weed and also ensure not to use highway side sand as it contains road slit and chemicals.

4. Break Up Charcoal

Take charcoal form campfire or BBQ charcoal and use a hammer or any hard material like stone and wood to break the charcoal into the small pieces.

5. Create 2nd Layer

With the help of the charcoal, create the 2nd layer of the homemade water filter. Pour 3 inches of pulverized charcoal into the bottle. And if you have one more coffee, then cover this layer with the coffee filter to prevent the charcoal from being displaced too much during the filtration process.

6. Create 3rd Layer

Now with the help of the sand, you can create the 3rd filter. This will help you to remove the particulates in the water. But before using sand, make sure that you are not using highway side sand as we have listed in the 3rd step that highway side sand may be full of chemical and road salts.

7. Create 4th Layer Of Home Made Water Purifier

With the help of the Coarse sand or pebbles, create a 2-3 inches layer.

8. Create 5th Layer Of Home Made Water Filter

Now again, add 2-3 inches layer of the fine sand. Creating multiple layers for water filtration ensures that most of the contamination of the water is removed.

9. Create 6th Layer Of The Water Filter

With the help of the gravel or small rocks, create the 6th layer of the water filter. This layer prevents the sand from being dispatched.

10. Top Strainer

Now with the help of porous clothes like cheese, clothes cover the top of the filter. This step is not that necessary, but it will help strain any larger debris from the water and stop the pouring from displacing the send inside the filter.

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11. Pouring And Collecting

Now pour the water from the top of the filter while holding the filter bottle over the water storing container. But pour water slowly so as not to disturb the layers of the water filter too much or to cause the filter to overflow and possibly to spill unfiltered water into the collection container.

12. Sterilize Water

It does not matter how much water filtration system you use, but microbes remain in the water. To eliminate the microbial contamination from the water, you need to sterilize the water. To sterilize the water, you can boil water in the pot or kettle. You can also use another container to boil water.

You can also sterilize your water by using sunlight. The time required for sterilizing your water by using sunlight mostly depends upon the weather. A bright day requires 6 hours for sterilizing water, and in case of cloudy weather will sterilizer your water into two days.

To sterilize your water with the help of the sunlight, then pour it in to clean and clear plastic bottle (make sure that bottle has a cap) up to 3/4th full and screw-on cap. Now place your bottle on a light or reflective surface in direct sunlight.

But this water filter is only for emergency purposes. If you are concerned about drinking water quality, then the water purifier is the only option. Aquaguard toll free number is available to solve your water purifier needs around all the cities of India. If you are planning to buy the water filter, then visit where to buy water purifier during a lockdown or if you want to repair RO water purifier during Lockdown, then visit Repair your water purifier in Lockdown.

But if you are not able to buy or repair a water purifier, then visit How To Get Pure Water During Lockdown. Here at ro service centre near me, we are entirely devoted to help the citizen of India regarding all the water purifiers concerned during the lockdown.

Because the whole world is going through a tough phage and in India, the number of coronavirus patients is around 70,000. So we need to be careful to avoid this infectious disease. For this, we not only need to wear a face mask and frequently wash hands but also need to eat healthy food and drink healthy water all the time. Healthy eating and water help us to lead a healthy life. It also helps us to keep our immune system healthy so that we can fight against various diseases.

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