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Your home is more than just a place to sleep at night. It’s your personal sanctuary, and the foundation of your daily life. It’s not surprising that nature-inspired decor is popping up in luxurious homes all over the country, despite the modern world. This interior design approach mimics the colors, textures, materials, and atmosphere of the outdoors and creates a sense of calm and peace that is often evoked by walks in the woods and afternoons by the ocean. These six trends will bring serenity into your home.

1. Everything Wood

Gorgeous wood finishes and furniture add warmth and richness to any home. Wood, whether it is hardwood flooring or exposed ceiling beams or handcrafted tables and chairs can provide a sense of grounding when used indoors. Raw and live-edge pieces are in fashion, celebrating and highlighting the natural knots and imperfections of wood.

2. Organic Materials

Natural fibers like cotton, wool, jute and rattan bring tranquility to spaces and emphasize sustainability. Organic materials can be used sparingly or as furniture upholstery, throw pillows, blankets and curtains, or occasional tables or rugs.

3. Change a leaf

It’s both soothing and invigorating to be surrounded by flowers, plants, and trees outdoors. The same effect can be achieved indoors with strategically placed greenery. Beautiful natural accents include cacti and succulents as well as leafy plants such Monstera, pothos and fiddle-leaffigs. You are looking for something low-maintenance? Fresh flowers bring life to any space, but dried flower and grass bouquets add elegance and style to it. Contact us if you are looking to purchase Sea View Facing apartments in Chennai.


4. The Simplicity of Stone

Stone can be thought of as a tranquil riverbed with flowing water. Stone is a reliable and versatile interior design element that can evoke an atmosphere of tranquility. Stone accent walls, backsplashes and flooring can anchor spaces. For a less committed look, vases, sculptures and lamps made from stone make sophisticated accessories.

5. A Landscape Palette

A peaceful sanctuary can be created by incorporating nature’s gentle hues into your home, especially in areas that are intended for relaxation. There are many colors that can be drawn from nature, such as rich earth tones or soft watery colours. What is the color of choice for 2021? Organic shades of green that evoke the outdoors, such as subtle sage or forest green.

6. Natural light

When designing your home, mood is a crucial element. Natural light brings a sense of energy and light, particularly natural light. This effect can be replicated at home by using structural details such as glass doors, floor to ceiling windows, skylights and solariums. Your home will reflect the healing power of nature. Reflective surfaces, such as frosted glass and sheer curtains, help spread light and increase brightness.

It’s no surprise that nature has the power to calm our spirits. You can create a retreat in your home by bringing nature’s best elements indoors, such as color, light, and texture.

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