New hashtags on Instagram, that is: how do I change your strategy

Hashtag: Instagram allows you to follow words as if they were people. But how does it work? And what should be kept in mind in communication strategies?

Instagram introduces a very interesting feature: being able to follow hashtags as if they were people. So far it has worked like all the most popular social media we know: in fact, just enter the #word we want in the search bar and thus come into contact with all the related contents, more or less recent. But this “little revolution” could change many things. Let’s see which ones.

New Instagram hashtags: how does it work?

Instagram has always made it possible to view all the visual content related to a hashtag , highlighting the top nine that have obtained the most approval, the ” most popular “. Then he inserts all the “ most recent ” photos and videos and as you scroll down you will arrive at the oldest. The new feature of following a hashtag on Instagram will keep this dynamic, but will also allow you to view related words . A bit like on Google, when you type what interests you and at the end of the page it signals related searches.

At this point it is not certain, but it is plausible: the platform will also report trending hashtags , a bit like Twitter has always done. The screenshot shown is that of  Pippa Akram , a British social media consultant , who immediately tweeted the discovery. But what does all this entail?

Hashtag as a brand and influencer?

In influencer marketing or brand strategy campaigns, the hashtag could become the main protagonist. Why follow a brand or a character if I can already follow the main theme and have more points of view? Unless you completely love the brand or the person, I mean. In fact, let’s say that I am a coffee lover and that you only want to have interesting references from all over the world: at this point I can avoid following the big players , dedicating myself exclusively to the hashtag # coffee. But that’s not all, because what is most interesting is not hidden among the possibilities for the user, but for professionals and companies who want to get in touch with their target.

Digital strategies: watch out for hashtags

With this new feature at our service, it is good to underline three important aspects to take even more into consideration:

  • Monitoring of hashtagsto evaluate trends; even more important to be able to intervene with real time marketing actions .
  • Presidium of hashtags…and related words; being present means knowing how to intercept the user in his searches without the invasiveness of a sponsored ad.
  • New ideas for digital strategies; a brand could position itself on Instagram through a vicious cycle of User Generated Content, without necessarily creating a business profile .

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