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Expand Your Coaching Toolbox With NLP

Coaches learn to incorporate a wide range of skills and tools into their coaching repertoire. Over time, they gain more flexibility in their coaching style and methodology. I have been coaching for a long time, since the early 1990s, and between coaching school, workshops, books, self-study, and what I had already put into coaching, I had accumulated a wealth of tools that I could use to help my clients achieve the changes they wanted. As a coach, I felt quite powerful.

Then I was introduced to NLP Coaching Academy in Dubai and was amazed at its application to coaching.

The NLP tools and techniques I learned at the Coaching Academy UAE allowed me to work with clients in a much deeper way and we got to the most important things much faster. Clients leave each coaching session with a clear and deep understanding of their problems and how to solve them. In one short session we can change behaviors and beliefs, and over time see sustainable change.

In addition, both the trainer and the client find the techniques very enjoyable and even fun. Clients are always amazed at how quickly they “get it” and how quickly and permanently they are able to change their behavior.

NLP is the science of human superiority. It is based on brain activity (neurobiology) and language (linguistics). It uses modeling of the best behavior of exceptionally well-behaved people. For example, Richard Bandler and John Grinder drew on the work of Virginia Satir and Milton Erikson to develop NLP because they were able to change their patients so quickly.

People wondered how they had done it, and Bandler and Grinder were able to show others what steps they could take to become effective too. The work of the model brings out the best in people.

NLP also actively works with self-limiting beliefs. We all have them and they get in the way of moving forward and achieving success. NLP tools help to quickly access these beliefs and replace them with stronger ones that better help the client to achieve their goals. Since beliefs drive behavior, changing self-limiting beliefs can change behavior, which also helps with goal achievement.

NLP is a very deep and rich science. Unfortunately, it has acquired a bad reputation in some circles because it has been misused. If a trainer uses NLP and does not deviate from the client’s program, and he should always do so – the use of NLP is always to the benefit of the client. Its power and influence are used to help the client overcome problems and achieve the desired state in the future.

NlpTech is a High-Performance Coach. They specialize in helping women leaders and entrepreneurs maximize their potential. Over the years, working with both small and large companies, they have gained in-depth knowledge that is invaluable to their clients. they can be contacted at nlptech or at the email address on the website.

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