Omega lovers are buzzing over the 60th anniversary edition of these watches. Let’s look at the 1957 Railmaster watch, the 1957 Seamaster watch, and the 1957 Speedmaster watch.

A great comedian once said that he was 60 years old. That’s 16 celsius.” This is the feeling many watch-lovers are experiencing with the release Omega Trilogy 1957.

These are replicas of what is now known as Omega Holy Trinity’s original watchmaking tools. These watches were first introduced in 1957. Limited Edition Trilogy 60th year anniversary set is considered the chance to own all three. It is one of the most important Omega watches, and it is also superior mechanically.

They became the Omega watches that they are today. Even though the 60th-anniversary trilogy may seem like a reproduction of a vintage timepiece, it is actually quite modern and fashionable.

OMEGA Trilogy 1956 Review & Comparison

The Omega Railmaster, which was originally designed as a pocket watch. In 1957 it was made into a wristwatch. The new 60th anniversary Railmaster proved to be anything but ordinary. Because of its remarkable precision, it was popular like a train. Original Railmaster featured a Caliber 284, a 30-T2-based movement, and came with the Omega 7077 bracelet.

Omega Speedmaster was launched in 1957. In 1969, it became the first time that a watch had been placed on the moon. The Speedmaster became a symbol of excellence and was the most famous chronograph. Practically every serious collector has one. Many call it “Speedy”, and they are fondly known as such.

Also, the Omega Seamaster300 was seen on Daniel Craig’s wrist in every James Bond film except Goldeneye. It has been there since 1997 when Pierce Brosnan first played the role of the famous super spy. It had been worn by Daniel Craig, who is also a brand ambassador of Omega since 2010.

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These Omega limited edition 1957 Trilogy watches have become so popular. It’s the careful attention to detail when replicating three watches so close to the originals. Omega even used the older taller and smaller version of its logo, as well the 1957 font for their series logo font and Omega’s wordmark font on the dial. These three series have seen rapid growth over the last 60-years. When it comes to Omega, the Seamaster & Speedmaster series have been considered archetypal.

Petros Protopapas from the Omega Museum said that Omega worked with the museum’s product development team to recreate these timeless masterpieces. The latest technology includes computer-assistedtomography scans (CAT scans), where xrays are taken from different angles in order to replicate the watch case.

Have a look at these three Omega 1957 Trilogy watches, which are 60 years old today. Compare them to the CT scans for the original watches.

1957 Omega Railmaster Review

As you can see the scans were capable of separating the layers like the crystal, the movement and another shot from the back of the case.

Omega has made many mechanical changes to the Railmaster from the original reference number CK2914. The new 1957 Railmaster is powered by the Omega 8806 caliber – Automatic/Self-Winding movement.

This movement is actually better than the original 30T2-based calibers. This movement is now called the Master Co-Axial Chronometer. This designation signifies that the watch has a METAS certified Master Chronometer designation. It was earned after enduring a huge amount of testing for accuracy.

The CK2914’s magnetic interference resistance is now 15% higher. The 1957 Railmaster Limited Edition was only capable of withstanding magnetic fields between 1,000 and 900 Gauss.

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Omega’s Co-Axial escapement found in the limited edition will allow for longer intervals between services, as well as a four year warranty.

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