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India is synonymous with diversity. And because of this, we are blessed to witness different types of matrimony in our country. One of them is the Pal matrimony which is popular among the Pal community. But irrespective of the kind of matrimony in India, almost everyone wants to know a few things before their marriage—Will I and my partner be compatible with each other? Will my marriage be successful? Will there be any problems after marriage?  

If you’re also worried about these questions before your Pal matrimony marriage, you should know that Kundali matching has answers to all of them. With the help of a horoscope matching yours and your dream life partner from the Pal community, you can be assured about marriage compatibility. Under this process, experienced astrologers match the Kundalis of bride and groom to get a final score. Based on this, they predict whether a couple should go for marriage or not. You must have heard from people around you that they couldn’t get married because their Kundalis didn’t match. You don’t need to scratch your head now as we will be telling you everything about the process of Kundali matching before your Pal matrimony marriage. So, without any further delay, let’s get to it!

Is Kundali Matching by Name Accurate?

In the Pal matrimony or any other matrimony in India, generally, there are two ways of Kundali matching—By date of birth and name. And people are, often, confused about which one is more accurate. As per the science of Astrology, it is believed that kundali matching by date of birth is more accurate than matching by names of bride and groom. Though people use both methods, results obtained by matching the date of birth, time and location are more correct and trustworthy for Pal matrimony. 

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Process of Kundali Matching in Pal Matrimony

Let’s understand the process of Kundali matching in Pal matrimony now. Under this process, astrologers check the qualities of a boy and girl before marriage to check their compatibility. There are a total of 36 Gunas, divided into 8 Kootas (categories). During the Kundali Milan process, astrologers check these different Gunas to see whether a marriage will be successful or not. Once they complete the process, they come at a score out of 36. 

You can look at the different categories (Kootas) of the 36 Gunas, mentioned below, to know more about them 

Yoni Koota–One of the main aspects of any marriage is sexual compatibility and the Yoni Koota is used to determine the same in the Pal matrimony. There are a total of 14 Yonis and the compatibility score can go up to a maximum of 4 points under this Koota. 

Nadi Koota–To understand the health of children after marriage and the reproductive compatibility of the couple, Nadi Koota is used. During the matching process, this category can get a maximum of 8 points. 

Vashya Koota–According to the matching of Vashya (Humans, Wild Animals, Small Animals, Waterborne animals and Keet) between the bride and groom, astrologers get a score in this category which can be a maximum of 2.

Tara Koota–As you know Tara means Star, this Koota denotes the star alignment between the groom and bride under the Kundali matching process. There are a maximum of 27 stars on a person’s birth chart. This Koota can get a maximum of 3 points in the matching process. 

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Varna Koota–Varna simply means Jati. This Koota is used to determine the spiritual compatibility between the boy and girl before the Pal matrimony marriage

Gana Koota–Under the matching process, Gana Koota is used to check the compatibility between the behavior of the bride and groom after marriage. 

Bhakoot Koota–This Koota can get a maximum score of 7 under the Kundali matching process. With this category, astrologers check the emotional compatibility between the bride and groom. 

Gruhamaitri Koota–For a successful marriage, it is important to have suitable mental level compatibility between the bride and groom. This Koota is used to check the same under the Kundali matching process.

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