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The fight against the unauthorised dissemination of content has been a constant throughout the entertainment industry’s existence.

The development of a “cam version” of a film is one of the oldest and most prevalent methods for pirating cinematic content.

Due to the coronavirus, it is difficult for the film industry to release new content in theatres. Consequently, they distribute fresh material via a range of over-the-top (OTT) services.

Now, it is possible for anyone to illegally record and distribute the latest films at home, removing the need to film behind someone’s back in the theatre.

With a screen recording, two types of piracy are possible:

Using an application that captures the display

When using a number of screen recording applications to save DRM-protected video as a video file for playback on a computer or mobile device.

Utilizing a photography device

When recording DRM-protected video on a personal computer, mobile device, or television using recording equipment such as a camcorder or smartphone camera.

Let’s examine the various ways each type of screen recording might be prevented.

Multiple DRMs will prohibit recording from occurring.

The adoption of several digital rights management systems is the cornerstone of content security and the most effective deterrence against screen recording.

In the case depicted below, recording can be terminated reliably without the need for a separate solution when digital rights management is supplied by the client platform.

PlayReady is a Windows Edge/IE11 browser and Universal Windows Platform application.

Apple’s Safari web browser and apps support the FairPlay Streaming protocol.

Widevine: Android app

In contrast, there are a number of situations in which the deployment of multi-DRM alone is insufficient to prevent recording.

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This pertains to web browsers with a software-level implementation of the Widevine digital rights management system, such as Chrome and Firefox.

Due to Chrome’s huge market share in the PC environment, the fact that Widevine DRMan anti-piracy tool video played on Chrome can be easily copied using a screen-recording application offers a potentially serious threat.

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