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Web development services are an excellent option for entrepreneurs looking to build a global reputation for their brands. Other services that fall under the umbrella of development services include legacy development, strategic development, web design, and web development services. These services can also create community sites and provide personalized web development services.

Web development outsourcing companies offer a wide range of services:

Cake PHP Web Development ServicesASP.NET Development

Web Development

Content Management System

Web Application Development

Many companies around the globe have used these services. They save time and reduce the high cost of maintaining them. The client’s requirements, server-side scripting configuration, network security configuration, and web server setting are all considered by web developers when developing web applications. The developers attempt to understand the client’s perspective to make the site more interactive. The developers work closely with clients to understand their business model, goals, and target market. The exchange of feedback from the web developer and client sides helps design applications accordingly and hire website development company in Kanpur with  Tokla App.

The web development services above are connected with the recommendation that offshore clients purchase a complete package. The service package will allow customers to avoid the headaches of hiring the right resources each time. Many outsourcing companies offer quality services in India, ranging from simple static pages to complex web applications. Clients should set high standards when choosing a company and ensure they only work with the best. They should place more importance on quality than quantity when outsourcing services.

You can never have enough tools as a web developer to make web development more efficient and faster. 

Firefox 11 already comes with several potent tools for web development. It also includes (descriptions taken from the Mozilla website).

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Web Console lets you view logging messages from JavaScript code, JavaScript errors, and network activity. You can search and filter to locate the events you are interested in. You can also interact directly with your page and explore it via JavaScript.

Page Inspector: Visually select the element you are interested in to see the styling of any Web site.

Scratchpad – Scratchpad allows you to write JavaScript code that interacts directly with Web pages.

Firefox already has these powerful tools, but you can add more to it for more power.

These are my top picks for web development add-ons:

Web Developer 1.1.9 – Also known as the Web Developer Toolbar (WDT), this add-on installs various web development tools to your browser. With this add-on, you can quickly disable websites’ JavaScript, CSS, and image files. Using the toolbar, you can also access any meta tag information and cookies on the page. Auto-filling form is an excellent feature for testing form. This feature saves you time when testing forms with multiple fields. Although the WDT offers so many features, I haven’t had time to try them all.

Firebug 1.9.1: Firebug integrates seamlessly with Firefox, giving you a wide range of development tools while browsing. Any web page can be edited, debugged, and monitored for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It works the same way as Page Inspector and Web Console but has more features. WDT and Firebug are two options that developers may debate. My experience is that WDT suits front-end designers who do a lot with CSS coding. Firebug is better suited for JavaScript/AJAX debugging and web development. Both should be used.

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MeasureIt 0.4.10: Draw a line across any webpage to measure page elements’ width, height, or alignment in pixels. This ruler is the most helpful add-on I have ever used.

Firesizer 1.7 allows you to resize your window to a specific size.

This add-on displays the dimensions of your current browser window in pixels.

HTML Validator Adds HTML Validation in the View Page Source section of the browser. This add-on uses Tidy and OpenSP algorithms, which the Web Consortium W3C first developed. You can see the page’s HTML source to find the errors’ details. This is a good option if you are concerned about the validity of your code. The WDT does not have an HTML validation feature. Instead, the validation results are displayed from an external website and not included in the page’s source code.

Rainbow 1.5.1: This add-on includes a color picker, eyedropper, and the ability to save colors. Drag and drop is possible to test out different colors. You can find the hexadecimal (HEX) color for a specific blue in a jpeg without using an image editor such as Photoshop. Rainbow makes it easy.

Lazarus: Form recovery 2.3 – Lazarus automatically saves all forms you type. This means you can return to your condition and retrieve the data even after a server timeout or crash. This add-on is great for testing multiple formats and allowing you to access the actual content.

FireFTP – FireFTP, a cross-platform, free and secure FTP/SFTP client that Mozilla Firefox provides intuitive access to FTP/SFTP server. FireFTP is easy to use if you’re you’re familiar with FileZilla.

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