The Art of Folding Paper Napkins

When you have to take out the silverware and put the small dishes in the big ones, every detail of the decoration counts to create a real art of the table. Among these details, there is the table linen, including the tablecloth and the paper napkins. For harmonious decor, the two must be matched. For napkins, there are different folding techniques that will make your table more original.

What type of towel to choose?

Previously, cloth napkins were the only possible choice for tableware. Only, although they are refined and aesthetic, they also represent a great job of cleaning up after the holidays. For professionals, the best choice has proven itself: the paper towel.

Indeed, these elements lend themselves to all occasions, whether for a wedding, for your child’s birthday, or baptism. Paper napkins offer many possibilities to enhance your party tables. Moreover, there are different types of paper used to make them:

  • Cocktail napkins: they are small in size and are suitable for aperitifs, receptions, or cocktails. You will find a large choice of colors and patterns at a biodegradable dish dispenser.
  • Classic paper napkins: these are the models that you all already know. They are mainly used for birthdays or family meals. These cellulose wadding napkins are single-use and suitable for all large receptions.
  • Non-woven napkins: made of non-woven paper, they have a more aesthetic appearance than conventional napkins. These disposable paper napkins are of very high quality, easily confused with cloth napkins. Thicker and more absorbent, they lend themselves to all possible folds of towels.

Easy Napkin Folding Steps

When guests sit down at their table, they often wonder how to fold a napkin like the one in front of them. Some even try to reproduce these famous folding, without succeeding. However, this does not require a great technique. By following the following steps to the letter, you will be able to fold yours like real caterers.

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Folding in the shape of a cornet

The cornet is a classic of folding techniques. It is very simple to make since all you have to do is make a triangle pointing upwards, then place it on each plate. Here are the steps:

  • Take the towel and place it in front of you in a diamond pattern, making sure the tip is pointing up.
  • Then take the right tip that you fold to the left, about 2/3 of the width.
  • Take the left tip that you will fold over the right in the same way but above it to create an alignment on the right edge.
  • Adjust the widths to have a nice cone.
  • Turn the napkin over and reattach it with a napkin ring.
  • Place it on the plate.

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Folding in the shape of a rose

This technique is relatively simple. To form pretty bouquets, do not hesitate to mix the colors. Here’s how:

  • Take a towel and lay it flat in front of you.
  • To obtain a rectangle, fold the top edge over the bottom one.
  • Roll the rectangle thus obtained on both sides to have a roll with a few thicknesses of paper.
  • Then slip it into a glass.
  • Pull the corner of the first layer down to have a rectangular fold and it’s done!

Folding in the shape of a cutlery holder

The napkins obtained will allow both to decorate the table and to store the cutlery. It is important to choose a matching tablecloth and napkin color to bring out the beauty of this folding. What to do? Follow these steps:

  • Unfold then turn the towel over.
  • Fold it in half by bringing the top edge to the bottom edge so as to hide the pattern (folding on the reverse).
  • Take the first thickness of the lower edge that you fold towards the upper edge: in this way, the pattern will be visible again.
  • Then return the folding to hide the pattern again.
  • Take the upper right corner to fold over the lower edge, at the level of the central fold.
  • Same thing for the upper left corner: a triangle is thus formed. It points up.
  • Take the lower right corner to fold down along the central crease.
  • Same thing for the lower-left corner.
  • Flatten the folds and turn the napkin with the point upwards.
  • Store a cutlery on either side of the “pockets” formed.
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What are the benefits of paper towels?

Paper napkins have many advantages. First of all, they are practical and hygienic. As they are single-use, simply collect them and dispose of them after use. You won’t have to clean them anymore. Moreover, opt for disposable dishes at the same time if you want to reduce the work that awaits you after the reception.

In addition, the towels are available in several colors and patterns. Sold at a discount price, they won’t make a hole in your wallet. You can also keep some of them as souvenirs, especially if you choose to personalize them. You can even print photos on it. This will make the napkins even more original. Otherwise, initials are also a classic choice, but still sober and chic.

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