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Looking for great action shots helmet mount with an action camera? Then you have come to the right place!

GoPro action cameras are simply made for POV shooting while riding a bike or motorcycle. The shots taken from the helmet look especially interesting and dynamic. That is why you need to think about purchasing special mounts for GoPro. In turn, we will try to help you with the choice of the best accessories. Action Camera body Mount

1. GoPro Helmet Front and Side Mount

Compatibility: HERO2 to HERO8 (including Fusion and MAX) .

If you want to show shooting from different angles, then the original universal mount from GoPro is ideal. With two adhesive pads, you can install the action camera on the front or side of the smooth helmet. Fixation on the device occurs due to a standard bolt with a 1/4″ thread.

Due to the compactness and functionality of the mount, you can get truly professional shots.

2. GoPro Vented Helmet Strap Mount

Compatibility: HERO2 to HERO8 (including Fusion and MAX) .

The safety of a portable camera while riding a bicycle should not be forgotten either. The original mount on a perforated bicycle helmet will come to the rescue.

It does not require any adhesive materials or additional holes to be drilled. The mount securely fixes the GoPro action camera above the level of the cyclist’s eyes. Compatible with any size ventilated helmet.

Important: The kit does not include a Quick Release latch!

Worthy alternatives are the tie-down bike helmet mount and the 360° swivel helmet mount.

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3. GoPro chin mount


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Compatibility: HERO2 to HERO8 (including Fusion and MAX) .

Do you want to completely immerse the viewer in an exciting motorcycle ride? Then Telesin’s GoPro helmet mount is just for you!

The fastening design consists of a two-layer triangular platform, which is fixed on a closed motorcycle helmet with tightening straps. The action camera is fixed on a standard fastener for a quick-release latch.

Tip: When shooting at high speeds, it is better to use a safety cable with the mount .


4. Mount for GoPro on a motorcycle helmet in front

Compatibility: HERO2 to HERO8 (including Fusion and MAX) .

For shooting while riding a motorcycle at a fast pace, a secure mount is essential. This parameter is fully consistent with the modular mount for shooting video from the first person.

The mount allows you to change the shooting angle by turning your head and keeps the picture in the frame even at high speeds.

The set consists of:

  • adhesive curved pad;
  • Quick Release Buckle for GoPro;
  • 4 perpendicular swivel adapters (2 short / 2 long);
  • fixing bolts (for a Phillips screwdriver).

5.Stem with helmet mount

Do you need the most mobile GoPro mount on a bike / motorcycle helmet? Then you definitely should take a closer look at this universal kit .

So, you can easily install/dismantle the camera, get endless possibilities when choosing an angle and be able to shoot both from the first and from the third person.

Fastening is carried out on the front or side of the helmet with 3M adhesive tape. The GoPro, on the other hand, is securely fixed in the mount thanks to the Quick Release latch.

6. Low Profile Helmet Swivel Mount

With curved adhesive pads , GoPro’s proprietary mount securely secures any GoPro HERO Session action camera. The basis of the design is a low-profile frame that allows GoPro to be located as close as possible to the surface of the helmet.

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The frame is mounted on a bracket, after which it is fastened with a standard 1/4″ threaded bolt. The camera is easy to install/remove from the mounting structure thanks to the built-in latches.

The design of the mount avoids vibrations and dropping of the action camera when driving at high speeds and uneven terrain.

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