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Similar to the 1850s status of the gold market and .com stock in the 1990s, every consumer from around the globe seems to pave their way towards cryptocurrency. Here, the Cryptocurrency Global Exchange Platforms are taking advantage of the hype. That is so by working like brokers or providing consumers with buying, selling, and trading crypto tokens through P2P dealing. The Exchange Platform for Cryptocurrency comes with secure and breakthrough technology. These are state-of-the-art exchanges with a seamless interface. As per what presented, the altogether worth of cryptocurrencies has skyrocketed to $3 trillion. This is mainly due to the advanced feature like improvements in payment methods. For instance, bank transfer, OTC, third-party, ATMs, and credit card purchases with simple steps.

How to Buy from Worldwide Cryptocurrency Exchange Platforms 

Cryptocurrencies, may they be a new emerging concept, are not impossible to reach. They can be purchased like other assets due to the purchasing options Crypto Online Exchange has come up with. However, before all this, what consumers need is a digital wallet where they will store their assets. 

Peer-to-peer (P2P) Trading 

The most preferred method to buy cryptocurrency is through a peer-to-peer platform that provides a secure experience. These do not involve a third party and ensure anonymity. Furthermore, these offers direct purchase with local fiat currencies like Euro, US dollars, or whatever the currency is. 

Credit Card Purchases 

The easiest way to purchase crypto coins is through a credit card. The fees charged for this particular method are as minimal as $3-4%. However, it also varies on the currency that is used. The process is simple to master. All the consumers have to do is link their credit or debit cards with their accounts and select the method as such. 

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Third-party and Digital Wallets

Some wallets and third-party payment providers like PayPal and Skrill allow users to make purchases directly from the interface. Others can do so by linking the wallets with their online accounts. Furthermore, third-party sites accept payment methods like direct bank transfers, wire transfers, and more. 

Conventional Money Deposit 

Online platforms allow users to deposit their local currencies and trade immediately. However, the terms and conditions apply alongside region restrictions, if any. The Euros, US dollars, Reais, Rubles, or others are transferred into the bank account and desired tokens are bought from the platforms. The funds can further be transferred through a wallet as well. 


A less frequently used method because it is mandatory to have a digital wallet before driving to the ATMs. However, by opting for this method, users can directly buy or sell tokens from their wallets. Furthermore, a reliable terminal will make the processing more secure and fast. 

Converting the Funds

This method has made crypto buying much easier. That is is because users can buy both small and large amounts of tokens from the platform. Also, the open market at times does not provide a favorable price. Here the local currencies are traded for the coins, may it be online transfer or in-hand cash. Furthermore, there is less risk of slippage. Consumers can put sufficient balance in their accounts or digital wallets and after verification can perform immediate purchases. 

Steps to Buy from Online Platforms

The crypto market is filled with popular and high-worth coins with top-ranked market capitalization values. To buy cryptocurrency, the process is as easier as operating a digital device. And with available payment options like a credit card, bank transfer, and trading, the majority of loopholes are filled in. 

  1. Complete the identity verification to get the hands-on unlimited feature and create an account.
  1. Link the card or bank account and surf the site to look for the preferred coin.
  1. Select the coin and move to the next step.
  1. Fill in the details and proceed to the placing the order. 
  1. The users can skip the second step if they want to deposit their conventional funds through a bank transfer. 
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Cryptocurrencies to Buy for Long Term Earnings

The cryptocurrency space is contracting after it reached the record-breaking height in market capitalization. It faced a decline of nearly 10% to 20% and it was supposed to happen because the market is highly volatile. However, it can be eminently seen that the value has skyrocketed and on the contrary, the fall is way less. Investors are pulling profits from the top-ranked currencies and when they invested these were at thousands. As seen through the previous decades the traders will undoubtedly take this market up once the momentum is retained. 

Solana (SOL)

Solana entered the market with its native token ‘SOL’ in 2020. Unlike others, runs on a hybrid mechanism with both proof-of-stake and proof-of-history. It powers smart contracts as well as decentralized finances (Defi) and Apps (DApps). Solana’s initial value was $0.77 and within months it gained an increase of more than 22,000% with the price at $171 as of January 2022. 

US Dollar Coin (USDC)

Like the top-ranked token Tether, USDC is also a coin. Furthermore, it is backed by the conventional currency that is the US dollar. Investors use it to fulfill global transactions. As per CoinMarketCap, the present worth of this coin is $0.99 with a market capitalization value of $49 billion.

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