New Trend in Palm Wood Tableware

In the current context, it is urgent to consider the impact of waste on the environment. And who says waste says toxic waste that can have harmful effects on the ecosystem. The figures are quite alarming because the single-use plastic used for packaging and tableware represents a good part of the waste dumped in nature. This is the reason why; new alternatives are products have appeared on the market. If bamboo is already well known to everyone, you can also choose tableware made from palm wood.

The manufacture of disposable palm wood tableware

Palm disposable tableware is made from the leaves of this tropical tree. This tableware is part of the ecological options and is a good choice to limit the environmental impact. To obtain plates, cutlery, disposable cups, and palm glasses, we first collect the leaves. Then they are cleaned and rid of debris and other dirt.

During the manufacturing process of disposable palm tableware, no chemicals are used. This is what makes them fully biodegradable. _ When they are well cleaned, the leaves are dried in the open air. Then they are stretched and flattened by hand. For bending and molding, heated presses are used. They make it possible to form the sheets according to the needs. Once this is done, air drying is in order again.

The benefits of palm tree disposable tableware

Like a wooden plate, palm wood plates and cutlery have many advantages:

Less environmental impact

As it is the leaves that are used for the design of the small plates, palm tableware is one of the most environmentally friendly. Indeed, unlike bamboo, which requires cutting down the tree to make disposable and reusable items, it suffices to collect palm leaves to transform them into quality products. In addition, they are also compostable.

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A solid and durable material

Like paper plates, palm plates are surprisingly lightweight, so their sturdiness often raises questions. However, they are just as robust as plates made of reusable plastic or kraft cardboard. Indeed, they are not subject to tearing and perforation, which makes them very durable.

Ultra-resistant crockery

Round plates and palm trays can also be used for take-out. Indeed, they are resistant enough to go in the microwave and are therefore ideal for reheating dishes. Moreover, they can also be used in a freezer without problems. During conservation, the taste of the palm tree is not likely to be transferred to your food. It is a material perfectly suitable for food contact.

A design and stylish choice

The molding of palm leaves makes it possible to obtain diff e rent forms of disposable products, ranging from soup plates to bowls, not to mention large dinner plates. These trendy accessories are suitable for all occasions and will adorn your table decoration in an original way.

An affordable option

Plastic tableware has always been favored by caterers and restaurateurs because of its affordability. Indeed, making an ecological choice often means paying a supplement. However, with palm tableware, you will enjoy both excellent quality items for a discount price. A wise choice for fast food packaging!

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What to choose between tableware in palm trees and bamboo?

Bamboo tableware is just as environmentally friendly as palm tableware. Indeed, bamboo is a wood that regenerates very quickly. In some countries, its regrowth can even reach 1m per day. Cutting it to make plates and other useful everyday items, therefore, does not represent a hard blow for the environment, especially since they are reusable and therefore durable, which further limits the use of raw materials _ _res.

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Bamboo makes it possible to design tableware:

  • Elegant
  • original
  • Tendency

Moreover, he has now become a real star of tableware. Solid and practical, a bamboo plate can be used both on special occasions and at home, without risking the transfer of chemical products to food.

Basically, both bamboo and palm tableware are great options. Your choice will therefore be based essentially on your tastes. It should be noted, however, that palm tableware is much lighter than bamboo, which makes it a tad more practical.

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