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When it comes to your kitchen, tiles are what add to both your kitchen’s aesthetics and functionality. A properly and smartly tiled kitchen won’t just accentuate the overall appearance of your kitchen but also secure it against the everyday stains that a kitchen is prone to. For instance, consider a kitchen splashback, it’s definitely an element that stands out and simultaneously protects the walls beneath and eliminates the risk of stains to a great degree. Such is the purpose that tiles serve no matter where they are installed in your kitchen. So, having said that, you know how important it is to undertake the tiling work in your kitchen in the most professional manner. So, hear from our Professional Tilers in Melbourne the 5 things that you need to consider before tiling your kitchen.

Professional Tilers in Melbourne

1.    Create a Proper Budget Estimate

The first thing to do when planning to renovate your kitchen by laying tiles or when tiling your newly built kitchen is to create a proper budget. What happens in most cases is that you end up spending more than you expected on the overall renovation project and when it comes to tiling, you run out of funds and compromise with low-quality materials. This hugely impacts the life of your entire kitchen. So, make sure that before you begin with all the work in your kitchen, set aside a fraction of your budget for tiling and then proceed accordingly. To create this budget estimate, you can get in touch with Kitchen Tilers in Melbourne and through a consultation get an idea of the overall cost involved in kitchen tiling work.

Kitchen Tilers in Melbourne

2.    Demarcate the Sections that You Want To Tile

Now, you could be planning to partially tile your kitchen or engage in complete tiling, covering the walls, ceilings, and floors. Whatever you decide, it will impact the overall look of your kitchen. Are you planning to install a splashback and leave the walls bare? Are you just looking to tile your kitchen floors? Are you looking to create a statement section in your kitchen by adorning it with textured or graphic tiles? These are the questions that you need to ask yourself and accordingly demarcate the sections. This will also help you create a budget estimate and ensure that you have a proper vision in mind before initiating the work.

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3.    Which Material Best Meets Your Needs

Material is key when it comes to finding the best tiles for your kitchen. Consider the kind of stains and the amount of footfall that your kitchen experiences in a day. So, if you wish to pick a durable material that is going to stay the same for years to come while beating all elements,  then you would have to put some thought into it and find one which is scratch, stain, and fade resistant. Simply because stains will be an everyday part of your kitchen and you would have to clean them every day. So, as kitchen tilers in Melbourne, we suggest you pick one which is easy to clean, maintain and retain its original look without fading even after this everyday cleaning process. Ceramic or porcelain tiles are often the best picks considering how they are easy to clean, durable, and come in a variety of colours, shapes, designs, and sizes.

Tips to Find the Perfect Tiles For Your Kitchen

  • Find a durable option that is scratch and fade-resistant.
  • Pick the colour and material that goes with the layout of your kitchen.
  • Pick the perfect tile shape and size for a spacious look.
  • Always go for the material which is easy to maintain.


4.    Which Colour and Design Best Matches Your Kitchen’s Vibe

Next comes durability. While durability is a key concern, you wouldn’t want it to compromise with the aesthetics of your kitchen. But gone are the days when you had to pick one. Now there is a wide range of collections available in the market which are both durable and aesthetic. From them, you can simply pick the one that matches the overall vibe of your place. So, if your kitchen design and layout calls for a graphic tile design to give it a vibrant touch, a textured design for a kitchen that stands out, or a neutral one for the modern, contemporary look, get in touch with the best kitchen tilers in Melbourne and have them help you make the right pick.

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5.    Find the Right Grout Material

When you lay the tiles, there is always this thin line of gap between the adjacent tiles, which if not filled properly can ruin the look of your space. No matter how beautiful the tiles that you choose, these gaps would take the aesthetics of your kitchen down a notch and also make it prone to cracks and stains. What here comes to your rescue is grout. And here too you have to make sure that you make the right pick when it comes to grout material. Epoxy is an option recommended by commercial tilers in Melbourne because it is durable and resistant to stains which is an important consideration when it comes to your kitchen as mentioned before. And more so when it comes to your kitchen splashback, floors, and countertops.


Consider these 5 things and you will definitely end up with a kitchen tiling experience that you would never regret. In case you have any doubts or need help finding the best tiles for your kitchen or any other space, get in touch with us at JM Tiling and Stone and our experts would be sure to help you out.


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