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Marriage is bliss. In fact, as they say, ‘it’s been written in the stars’. Hence marriage as an institution needs to be celebrated every time you can. 

For this, the anniversary celebrations are an important aspect of our lives. And why not? Every year is a milestone in strengthening your marriage with your partner. 

So, why not make it a moment to involve the loved ones and make it a celebration to remember. For this, the anniversary decorations are an important part of the celebrations. But, what are the best decoration ideas for the anniversary you can think of?

 Well, we at ‘My Mandap’ are here to help you with the top 5 latest and unique Anniversary decoration ideas for 2022: 

  1. The Cut-outs 

Sounds too ‘cheesy’? Well, nevertheless, it makes for a wonderful anniversary decoration idea. This essentially involves creating giant cut-outs of you and your partner from a click close to both of you. 

It could be a couple’s shot from the wedding day, a fine picture from your honeymoon, or a simple loved-up picture from a special day in your life.

Get the cut-outs in colored form and stand them up at places like the entrance or the entryway to the venue. Don’t worry about it appearing to be too ‘self-obsessed’, after all, we are at the ‘Selfie-era’. 

  1. A Walk In the Park

Plan an outdoor anniversary party with nature as your theme. This is one of the best and most popular ideas loved by couples in recent times. The Post-pandemic era is all about enjoying the outdoors as much as possible. 

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Why not give yourself and your loved ones a chance to enjoy a breezy celebration on your lawn, garden, or backyard? For this keep the decor on the lines of a classic ‘cocktail party with lawn chairs, fairy lights, candles, and flowers. 

The stage needs to be simple yet classy with pillars on either side with live plants and flowers for company. Likewise, dedicate aside for the food and drinks where the guests can flock for refreshments. 

A soothing music arrangement on the side and a time to remember the years gone by, as you sway under the stars. 

  1. Go Gala
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Wish to have a celebration of a lifetime? Maybe it has been a couple of decades of association of love, memories, friendship, and a strong bond. 

Now, this needs to be celebrated ‘king size’. So why not go all the way and ‘revive’ your vows all over again? So, for this, it is time to set the stage again with oomph and glamor. 

Go extravagant and get the gaudy sofas out. Set up the stage in fire, complete with a big screen that plays your ‘video of love’ for the others to enjoy. 

This could be a documentation of your love life, some special moment when you first met, and more. Lots of chandeliers over the top of the stage drapes on the backdrop and you have an evening to remember. 

  1. Go Candid
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Sometimes it is all about having fun. For this , set the stage up with the ‘Couple’s swing’ making the centre spot at the stage. 

Adorne the swing and the stage with a generous amount of flowers, garlands, and fairy lights. Candid messages like, ‘Jab We Met’, or ‘When Harry Met Sally’ can be set up at key spots across the venue grounds. ALso, create a ‘wall of memories’ at one end that displays pictures of the tow of you through out the years. 

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So there you have it, folks. Some of the top 4 latest and Unique Anniversary decoration ideas for you to try out. It is a great time of the year to get all ‘mushy’ about the ‘first times’ with your spouse. Relive the love all over again and be sure to have just as much fun as you do so. 

By john wick

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