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Commerce as an educational stream is the study of commerce. This gives us relevant knowledge and expertise in finance, business management, economics, human resources, taxation, etc. Mainstream commerce has always been shrouded in weird fairy tales that have no validity.

If you’re a business student, get ready for a delightful ride down memory lane because you’ve been through a lot; If you are a science student you need to read this. Students in all fields have discussed these trading myths or heard of them.

Common trade myths

1. Trading is math!

This is one of the first misconceptions you will discover, especially if you are about to choose between business, science, or any other major for secondary education. People often think that trading is all about math, and if you are good at math, you should go for trading.

This is one of the reasons why desi parents encourage their children to opt for engineering initially and then opt for commerce at later college stages. They think trading is mainly about math. Even accounting is not just math. The reality is that until high school, you will only use basic arithmetic in commerce, which only involves addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. THAT IS IT. And in the latter stages as well, there would only be the addition of statistics, probability, and elementary algebra, unless you were studying specific higher management.

2. Trading is easy!

If you think trading is easy, this is for you. This is the worst and most annoying myth about trading flow. Science students and some other people use it to mock business students and, in several cases, justify their lower grades and academic performance compared to successful business students. As a business student, you may have experiences where your accomplishments have been undervalued due to this common misconception.

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This misleading impression leads many academically incapable students to opt for commerce without being ready or changing their attitude and approach to studies. Ultimately, the science stream may be more academically challenging and demanding, but the business stream also does not yield effortless success. There are specific requirements that must be met to succeed as a business student.

3. Trade is for backbenchers

This assumption is the byproduct of the previous misconception and yet another myth about the field of trading. Business is often seen as a subject for academically weak students—no offense to backbenchers. I cannot imagine my school life without my backbenchers, and a class cannot be considered complete without backbenchers. Authorities like teachers, principals, and desi parents often encourage educated and high-achieving students to opt for the sc stream.

In several cases, they even pressure good students to choose science over business and other majors. People believe that students who are unable and, as well-rounded students are not up to it are reserved for the business side. For them, opting for commerce as a bright student is a waste of grades, skills, and talent. This thinking leads many academically competent students to opt for science over the business, sometimes forcefully, even though they were initially interested in business subjects. The reality is that any capable student can continue to have a successful and respectful academic and professional career, even if they opt for a business major.

4. Trade has no value!

This misleading idea is one of the main reasons why even well educated families encourage their children to follow a science course. However, this may be correct in a few cases if the pupil is a product of certain local councils. In general, this statement is entirely incorrect.

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It is often believed that science students are more valued in educational and business organizations. This is also one of the reasons why students who want to pursue a career in an industry-first study science and then choose to study business subjects and pursue a university degree in business. The reality is that trading is a highly valued stream. Unlike science graduates, business graduates are needed everywhere.

5. Trading offers limited options

This trading myth is not often repeated repeatedly like other myths. However, as a business student, you might have heard that as a business student, all you can do is business or that the business field does not offer many opportunities. Options, while science students have many more options in engineering, medicine, etc. The reality is precisely the opposite.

When you study business, you can get into human resource management, marketing, finance, business operations, business analysis, product development, banking, tax, auditing, business computing, business development, business psychology, microeconomics, macroeconomics, and much more. You can go deeper into public administration, media, politics, and more. When it comes to degrees closely related to business, you can opt for B.Com, BBA, CA, CMA, B.Eco, CS, CPA, LLB, and many more.

There are so many things in the trade that each subsection can be explained with exciting details. The life of a business student can be academically very satisfying with such a variety of choices. If you are interested in joining commerce, you should look forward to options for the best commerce colleges in Mumbai.


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