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Ah, the way colours brighten our homes! A sunny light yellow interior wall can enhance the lighting of the room and create a peaceful mood. In housing, market colours change from time to time depending on the new trends and interests of homeowners. If you plan to decorate your living room or study or paint the entire house, here are some interior colour trends in 2022. You could also get the latest ideas and suggestions for painting your home from any reputed House Painters in Sydney.

House Painters in Sydney
House Painters in Sydney

The Top 7 new painting trends in 2022 are listed below:

Orange Is The New Trend

Many homeowners are now choosing to decorate their houses with orange colours. This is especially seen on some of the featured walls of their homes. While the orange colour was not so trendy in the past few years, it seems to have caught the eyes and interest of people this year. You can match the colour orange with other colours like white, neutral colours or even black. The colour orange also brightens the home atmosphere and makes it look more vibrant and radiant.

Choosing an Ocean-Like Palette

Despite the new interest in the colour orange, the ocean-like palette continues to be in trend this year as well. The ocean colours of blue and white give a relaxing and calm atmosphere at home, which is why most people choose the ocean-like palette for painting their homes. Most people want to feel a serene environment at home, and the ocean-like palette best suits this purpose.

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Neutrals Are Timeless

You could choose from neutral colours like white, grey and beige. The neutral colours are very popular with houses because these colours are timeless. The colour white helps create an illusion that the area is a lot more spacious and grey and beige colours go well with any colour. However, neutral colours need more precision to be done right for the best outcome. You could hire Strata Painters in Sydney to assist you in painting such neutral colours at home as you want to do it right.

Sage Green And White Combinations

Similar to the ocean palette, the sage green and white combination also gives a therapeutic and aesthetically pleasing ambience. This is because green is associated with nature, and these soothing shades evoke calmness. You may also require the assistance of Strata Painters in Sydney to get the best outcome for these colours at your home.

An All-White Backdrop For Home

White is the colour that is more adaptable and goes well with virtually anything. Therefore, an all-white wall colour choice brings colour to your home through furniture, furnishings and decor. You will also need the assistance of Strata Painters in Sydney for an all-white backdrop and this is because an all-white backdrop requires deep cleaning, aftercare and scheduled maintenance, among other things.

Earthy Shades

Earthy shades on the walls will offer you a sense of warmth and groundedness. Muddy hues of the colour green, and brown, are perfect to create a harmonious and  soothing ambience.  Your House Painters in Sydney will help you achieve the same with ease. With such earthy shades and rustic house colours on the wall of your home, you feel connected to nature. This is why such shades have caught the interest of people recently.

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Picking Colours To Differentiate Rooms

Another trend that has been noticed is using different colours to differentiate rooms. Instead of painting all the rooms the same colour, different coloured rooms are like a change in space and help break the monotony. This shift in trend has been noticed with the new concept of working from home for employees. These different colours help set you in the appropriate mood. If you do not want your bedroom and work environment to collide, you can ask your House Painters in Sydney to apply this colour style to your home. 

Contact your local House Painters in Sydney to assist you in materialising your colour design ideas into reality this year.


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