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Because of their adaptability, outdoor Smd Screen are becoming increasingly popular. As technology improves, event organisers are obligated to keep up with the times. When hiring a led screen, there are a number of aspects to take into account. When it comes to selecting the greatest outdoor LED screen, having technological understanding is advantageous. What exactly is an LED screen? We will now go into greater detail about the outdoor led screen.

Before swimming into the sea of Smd Screen Hire London, event planners should be aware of the following facts and figures. Events taking place outside, such as the weather, can have an impact on the screen. As a result, you cannot just rely on the seller’s recommendations and hire anybody he suggests. It’s also crucial to be mentally clear before performing. It is the output of the outdoor led screen that decides the success of any event, whether it takes place indoors or outdoors.

Outdoor LED Signage:

Using LED technology, an LED screen can be used to create a video wall. It is not the same as an LED television or monitor. They only have a single panel, but video walls have multiple panels to choose from. As a result, it is possible to customise it. These panels are incredibly bright, making them ideal for usage outside. It is also resistant to the effects of the environment. For long-distance visibility, large LED screens are available on the market.

The following are some of the features of the outdoor LED screen:

These technological considerations are critical while making a decision on a led screen.

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Luminosity is the amount of light that is emitted


Outdoor lighting systems benefit from the most advanced LED technology. The brightness of an LED screen is measured in nits. Outdoor screens must have a brightness of 5000 nits or more. Visibility can approach 10,000 nits when exposed to intense sunshine.

The Longevity of Outdoor LED Lighting

The IP rating of an outdoor LED screen panel evaluates the panel’s weather resistance. The ingress protection rating is represented by two digits. Solid particle protection is represented by the first digit. Water resistance is represented by the second digit. An IP65 rating is required for outdoor video walls. At low pressure, it provides excellent protection against solids and liquids.

Pixel Density is defined as the number of pixels per square inch of screen space

Pixells are the little dots that appear on the screen. A picture is made up of thousands, if not millions, of little dots that come together to form it. A pixel pitch unit is a unit of measurement for the tightness of pixel packing. The distance between two LED panel pixels is measured in metres. This measurement is in millimetres.

SMD/DIP: Surface-mount device or die-integrated package

It comes in three different colours: red, blue, and green. Both colours are present in DIP technology, but they are distinct from one another. Colors on SMD devices are densely packed. The use of SMD technology produces images with excellent resolution and colour fidelity. DIP is brighter and lasts for a longer period of time. Both technologies are frequently used during outdoor events.

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Dimensions of an LED video wall:

They are available in sizes ranging from 1 to 4 square metres Smd Screen. The number of panels necessary is determined on the size of the screen. When viewing from a distance, a large screen is required. It elicits the emotional response you desire.

Design of the led screen:

The professionals at Led Screen Hire London can assist you in designing the ideal structure. The following are some of the most popular methods for creating led screens:

Ground-based operations:

This is a screen for the ground.

Wall-Supporting Structures:

This is a movable wall screen that can be moved around.

Support for the Structure:

Make a wall tie out of the aluminum construction you just finished.

Support for the pole:

The scene is suspended from the ceiling.

Truss (also known as trussing):

The screen is supported by a truss made of aluminum.

On the go

The screen is held in place by a vehicle.


All aspects of outdoor LED screens and their technology mustangled were discussed in detail in this article. Find a high-quality LED screen source to achieve the best results. For outdoor events, this screen is a great choice.

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