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A beam trolley turns out to be a vital component of the construction industry. It is in the form of a wheeled clamp that would rock into the beams and the load is allowed to transverse in a horizontal manner. I beam roller trolley is used with chain hoists that may carry loads up to 30 tonnes and it is an important aspect of beam construction.

Have you wondered what are the difference between the various forms of I beam trolley. Which is the right one for your construction site and where can you find them and the cost associated with the same. If you have gone on to ask yourself these questions then you are at the right place. Just like a calibrate torque wrench, let us try to understand the difference between the two forms of I beam roller trolley.

Manual push trolley

As the name sounds a manual push trolley is operated manually where it pushes across beams. It is capable of carrying loads between 5 tonnes to 10 tonnes but still it is not considered the perfect way to lift heavy loads.

The side plates are paired with internal wheels and lubricated ball bearings are there for a smooth transit. Once you securely tighten them across the beam with space to roll, then it is the time to load up. To the chain hoist a safe and secure form of load will be attached as it would be just the case of pushing the I beam roller trolley system. You need to be aware that the capacity of the beam trolley is dependent upon the width of the beam. It may seem obvious that for a heavy load you are going to require a wider beam as details would be provided with the specifications of any beam trolley.

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Geared beam trolley

In a lot of ways the geared beam trolley works in the same manner as a manual push trolley. But one of the key differences is that it is operated by gears or chains, and not by pushing. The trolley is going to work when you pull a chain that sets the gear in motion moving the wheels and the trolley is send on its way.

This form of beam trolley is capable of carrying heavy loads that is difficult to push. It may turn out to be a safe alternative when it comes to their push counterparts. The chains along with gears allow you a great control over the loads that you move, and a better option is to take proper breaks in between.

Even electrical versions of these beam trolleys are available that is operational by gears and chains. But it is available with a motorized mechanism informatics commerce.

To conclude you are aware of the aware about the various forms of I beam trolleys and it is necessary to understand which one would be suitable for your construction site. This is a form of investment that is worth your time and effort.

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