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Information And Tips For Home Buyers

Before a property owner can proceed with a sale, they must receive a copy of the HIP at least 3 months prior to selling the property. The Housing Information Package was first introduced in 2007 to simplify the real estate transaction process. Later, in 2020, several changes were made, including the introduction of a new concept called the Property Information Questionnaire (PIQ).

It summarizes information about your property and helps buyers make an informed decision. Based on this, they will make the decision to visit or buy the property.

Every home buyer should first read the owner’s PIQ. It includes an index to the home’s information package, certificate of title, standard survey, local government survey, deed of sale, legal summary, home condition report, and maintenance form.

This information will help buyers learn about problems before they decide to buy. If they find out later, the price will be revised and the sale will take a long time. When buyers find all the information regarding a home, the advice to all homebuyers is to carefully check the information package on the home before buying it.

A potential energy efficiency certificate rating will take these factors into account, and the recommended measures will be tailored to the reality of the particular building. The EPC gives a home a rating to determine its energy efficiency, and makes recommendations for energy efficiency and carbon and fuel reductions.

There are separate documents for owner-occupied properties and rental properties. If it is an owner-occupied property, you will need a purchase agreement or declaration, a standard survey, an index to the housing information package, a property information questionnaire (PIQ), an EPC, an energy efficiency certificate and sustainability information, and a certificate of ownership.

If it is a rental property, also attach a copy of the lead and other freehold items. The seller must provide proof that an agreement has been reached by providing documentation as soon as possible and within 28 days, except in exceptional circumstances. Return to information and tips for homebuyers.

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